How to get pencil off the wall

How to get pencil off the wall. This article includes the general information and methods for removing pencil marks off the wall.

The 4 best methods are discussed to assist you in getting rid of the pencil marks off the wall instead of painting the wall.

If you have children at your home then there would probably be pencil marks on all the walls of your home. Children indeed learn through creativity and it may be the first thing they start from.

So, if you are facing this subject, then you will be searching for different ways to remove the pencil from the wall.

Parents start worrying about the painting of the entire wall or pasting wallpapers merely to hide the jottings of their child.

Spending money on paint and wallpapers would be a pricey solution to solve this problem because there are many other convenient methods to remove pencils off the walls.

The lead used in pencils can be erased easily. But some paints do not let it off easily. Nevertheless, by rubbing the marks gently, you can get rid of the marks easily.

There are various ways to remove the pencil off the wall like scrubbing with a pencil or gum eraser, suede stone, wet cloth, etc.

How to get pencil off the wall

Method 1: Art gum Eraser methodArt Gum Eraser Method

Art gum erasers are made up of synthetic rubbers or corn oil. These are available at stationery and art suppliers’ shops easily.

Rubbing art gum erasers on the walls does not cause any damage to the walls or paint. These erasers remove all the pencil off the walls that are not washable.

Take the eraser and gently rub on the pencil. Erase the pencil from one end to the other.

Keep in mind that when rubbing on the wall, keep changing the sides of the eraser by bringing a new side on the wall. So, no other stains or marks are left on the wall.

Method 2: Foam eraser method

Melamine foam is a sponge that is used as an abrasive cleaner. Melamine sponge is used to clean out the stains from the wall, shelves, or counters.

To get the pencil off the walls, wet a corner of the melamine sponge and rub it on the pencil marks. Rub the sponge on the wall from one end to the other end.

Method 3: Baking soda scrubbing method

Baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate. It is used for many cleaning purposes. Baking soda along with water can remove all the stains from the wall, shelves, tables, or counters.

You will need a piece of cloth and some baking soda. Now, dampen the cloth and dip it into the baking soda. Rub the cloth on the wall to get the pencil off.

Just put a little bit amount of soda on the cloth and gently brush on the wall. Overuse of baking soda can cause damage to wall paint.

Method 4: Application of ToothpasteApplication Of Toothpaste

Toothpaste not only whitens your teeth but it can serve many other purposes like cleaning, applying on burned skin, etc.

To get the pencil off the wall, toothpaste can boon you.

For removing the pencil mark non-gel toothpaste is used. Apply a small amount of the toothpaste to the pencil marks and leave it for 1 minute. Now, wipe it out.

Clean the toothpaste with a damp piece of cloth and softly scrub the toothpaste. Check out Homemade Whiteboard Cleaner

Get pencil off the wall

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