How to fold down a futon couch

How to fold down a futon couch. The futon is one of the best strategies for utilizing less space in your home and getting more benefits. According to the situation, you may turn it into a bed or couch.

Suppose you are living in a small place or in a room where you don’t have enough space to place any bed for your friends or visitors who tend to stay for a long time.

In that situation, a futon sofa bed is the best choice to save place and resolve the problem of a futon bed intellectually.

If you have heard about the toughness of folding it and still thinking about buying it, or you have newly purchased a futon bed but don’t know how to fold it, then don’t worry.

Here, we will try our best to resolve your issue and give you a straightforward answer to folding a futon mattress. Let’s start diving into the process.

How to fold down a futon couch

guideline to fold futon bed appropriately

In this article, you may get to know the exact procedure for folding and unfolding the Futon mattress.

It’s a bit difficult to fold down a sofa bed if you don’t know the procedure, So we’ll try to resolve the problem by explaining the steps to fold it easily.

You may also get an awareness of the pros and cons of sofa beds so that if you are thinking about buying a futon couch, you may have the gains and losses in your mind.

Types & Procedure Of Futon Bed Opening & Closing

Well, with time, we see a lot of advancement in almost everything. There are a lot of varieties available in different products.

Same like that there are different types of futon mattresses that have different folding methods for each type of sofa bed.

In this section, you may interact with some common types of futon mattresses and their opening and closing methods. You may go through your type of couch and follow the steps with us to learn efficiently.

The Bifold Futon

the bifold futon

Even though there are different types of futon mattresses, but if you pay a little focus on their names, you may identify the futon frame easily.

Like ‘Bi’ means two or twice. So you can get the idea if there is a bifold futon, which means it contains two frame pieces: the back section and the seat section.

So, the opening and closing mechanisms work with only these two sides.

The couch’s backrest turns back till it gets leveled with the seat section and turns into bed. It turns into a bed when get folded in lengthwise.

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Steps To Open Bifold Futon

If you own a bifold futon mattress and want to know how to turn it into a bed position, go through the following instructions to get a smooth sofa bed transformation.

Step 1: So, to open the Futon, firstly, stand in front of your couch in the middle. You have to keep in your mind that the Bifold frame gets open from the seat.

Step 2: If your Futon couch has clips or hooks under the seat, ensure to unhook them first. It might be possible that you have handles or strips for the purpose.

Step 3: So, you need to make a strong grip from beneath the seat using a strip and try to elevate the seat. While elevating slowly, you just need to move in reverse.

Step 4: You have to move in reverse till you inspect both sections(seat & Backrest) lay flat, and the futon frame turns into a bed position.


The bifold futon mattress comes in a steel or wooden frame. If you are about which will be the best, then we suggest you keep a wooden frame couch.

Because the steel frame may get rusted or jammed if you dont use it for some time.

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Steps To Close Bifold futons

Use the below steps to close your Futon sofa bed.

Step 1: Firstly, if you want to close the couch and want to turn it into a sofa position, then ensure that there is no blanket or cushion on the couch.

Step 2: Now, elevate the bedrest by grasping from the bedrest’s highest strip or bar. When it gets to its exact place, you may release the strip.

Step 3: Ensure by double-checking whether the mattresses are settled and aligned. After confirming the futon, you may interlock the hooks.

The Trifold Futon

the trifold futon

It is not much difficult to identify a trifold futon bed as the name indicates; it has three pieces to work for opening and closing mechanisms.

It has the same feature of having a seat and backrest as other furniture sofa beds but a trifold futon has a third section that enables the couch to get enlarger in seat size.

Even though it’s harder to fold a trifold futon, it has better specifications according to someone’s taste.

For example, the third deck is used to enlarge the seat size and gives you a more comfortable way to rest compared to a normal sofa.

But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t follow the save space rule. In case you want to save space or need a usual sofa position, you may fold the third deck underneath the seat.

Let’s start learning the procedure of folding a trifold futon frame in an easy and understandable way.

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Steps To Open Trifold futon

It might be possible or not that you know about a hidden third deck of your Futon sofa bed. If you know it, then it must be a plus point but don’t worry if you don’t know.

We’ll explain how you can access the third hidden deck and unlock it. So, follow the simple steps to open a trifold futon.

Step 1: So, you may access the third deck in front of your sofa bed. So, just pick up the futon seat, and unlock the hidden deck.

Step 2: Flaten the mattress. As you have seen, it is usually folded into three parts, so open it up and lay flat on the bottom section.

Step 3: It has adjustable legs, so set them properly after elevating the seat and taking down the hidden third deck. The procedure varies depending on the model, so it might be possible that your futon bed legs get automatically adjusted.

Step 4: Now, you may fix the mattress over the third section. The backrest may lay flat itself.

Step 5: Depending on the model, your Futon trifold may contain brace support for the upright position of the backrest so if your model has, then ensure to unlock the brace support from its rungs.

Step 6: When you get sure that the mattress is properly laid flat, then set the mattress and accomplish the job.

  • Steps To Close Trifold futon

Now, it is time for space saving if you have a family room by closing the futon bed. So go through the Futon easily folded steps.

Step 1: It would help you if you took off the mattress if you are folding the futon frame for the first time.

Step 2: Grab the backrest side and elevate it till it doesn’t reach its upright position.

Step 3: If your Futon frame has braces that you have released before, then interlock them. On the other hand, if the Futon trifold doesn’t have braces, then just elevate the backrest. It will get fixed when it gets into the right position.

Step 4: Now, you may pick up the main seat slowly and steadily and start poking the third section into its place that is under the sofa seat.

Step 5: Now, you may cover the mattress on both sections, the seat and the backrest. Insert the left mattress under the seating apace with the hidden deck.

The Loveseat Futon

the loveseat futon

Loveseat futons are more stylish compared to bifold and trifold futons. It usually has three parts in its futon frame.

Similar to a trifold, it also contains three sections, but it has its hidden part beneath the seat.

Some of its models have two mattresses, but some of them only have a large mattress.

Whenever you need to unfold it, you may grab the hidden sections and try to take them out and push the backrest to fall down till it gets leveled.

  • Steps To Open Loveseat Futons

Follow the instructions to get a full-size bed by unfolding the loveseat Futon.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to elevate the seat and look for the hidden part.

Step 2: You may grab the hidden part or deck of the futon and try to drag it towards you. You may check whether the legs need to set them manually.

Step 3: Usually, the loveseat futons have two mattresses, and the little mattress needs to get fixed into the third deck. It will enable you to unfold the lower part of the futon.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to push the backrest to lay flat it. Some models use the push and pull mechanisms. So you may pull and then push the seat to make the back flat.

  • Steps To Close Loveseat Futons

Follow the guideline to unfold the Loveseat futons.

Step 1: So you may force the backrest and get it into an upright position. It may get fixed into its place. Interlock the braces and rungs if you have released them before.

Step 2: Take off the small mattress.

Step 3: If you have adjusted the legs, firstly twist them back and then Elevate the main seat and shift the third hidden deck to its spot.

Advantages Of Futon Mattress

advantages of futon mattress

  • Pros

No doubt, futons have a variety of advantages that make them unique from the usual sofas or beds. For example, the Futons are stylish and add attractions to the area.

Like in a dorm room, living area, or bedroom, you can arrange a sofa bed to make the look more alluring. It also allows you to utilize the area more efficiently by saving space.

So the first benefit uses the space-saving technique. Another benefit is its affordability even though there are available expensive futons too.

But you may get it even at a reasonable price. Well, even if you find it a bit expensive but you may compare the price with its uses.

  • Cons

If you use the Futon most of the time, turn it from the sofa to the bed and vice versa. It might be possible futon frame will get damaged.


This article explains the common types of Futons, which include the Bifold, Trifold, and Loveseat Futon, that will help you to choose the better one.

You may also get to know the folding and unfolding procedure of each futon in detail. We hope that you may able to smoothly close and open the futon of any type using our assistance.