How to Fix Mattress Indentation

Are you struggling with the issue of mattress indentation? If yes! Then wait.

Before purchasing a new one, try some cool hacks to save your money with the solution to your problem.

How to Fix Mattress Indentation

Here are some easy and quick methods that you need to try out.

Checking Warranty Period

  • First and foremost, consider the warranty period before making any shift to the hacks or methods.
  • Mostly ten years is specified as a warranty period for the mattress.
  • If indentation occurs within the desired period, go for documentation.
  • Check the brand website, and inform them about the query.
  • They will either fix it or replace it with a better version.

Fixing Indented Spring Mattressfixing indented spring mattress

  • Altered and damaged springs are the reasons for indentation in a spring mattress.
  • Purchase springs of accurate size.
  • Replace the springs with new ones.
  • Easy and effective method.
  • In case, consult a specialist to do the job.

Use of Mattress Topper

  • They comprise memory foam or latex and are placed on the top of the mattress to prevent sagging and indentations.
  • Provide extra support to the mattress.use of mattress topper
  • To create a clear, even surface using a mattress topper. Investing in this topper is worth effective.

Vacuum Intended Mattress

  • Employing a vacuum on the mattress not only cleans it but removes all the bumps and lumps present in it.
  • Vacuum cause to redistribute mattress filling

Fixing Dip in a Memory Foam Mattress

Use fiber-filled pillows

  • Fiber-filled pillows encounter the intended sections because it removes sagging that occurs by the disintegration of the mattress cell over time.

Fixing Indentation of Coil Mattress

  • Indentation occurs when the coil spring loses its bouncy.
  • If the spring mattress is sinking in the center, put a pillow under the dent.
  • Use a mattress topper for a short-term solution.
  • In the case of wooden slats, move them around to facilitate temporary comfort.
  • Take caution against more than a 3-inch gap between slats.
  • Visit your nearby DIY store to purchase more slats.

Use Plywood underneath the Mattress

Placing plywood underneath will give strength to the base by making it firm.

Rotate Your Mattress

Remember to rotate your mattress every 3-6 months by an angle of 180 degrees.

Never tried it before? Just give it a try; the easiest temporary solution for an intended mattress.

Fix Mattress Indentation with Pillows

  • Grab some old pillows, and let’s try fixing the issue.
  • Before placing pillows, identify the indentations.
  • For this, you need two persons, one for lifting the mattress and the other to place pillows on the base underneath the indentation.
  • Pillows must fill the empty spaces to avoid sagging.
  • Remember that over time they may also get flattened.

Mattress Helpermattress helper

  • Mattress helper also avoids indentation issues.
  • You can put it underneath your mattress to help fix sagging.
  • It runs the total length of the matters.
  • Rather than cutting plywood, use a mattress helper as an easy solution
  • Mostly Available on different online platforms like amazon etc.

Prevent Indentations

  1. Rotate the mattress from time to time.
  2. Place a padded mattress cover.
  3. Use of mattress protector for comfort.
  4. Proper cleaning can prolong your mattress’s lifespan.
  5. Make use of every square inch of the mattress.
  6. Switch your preferred sleeping side over time.
  7. The back sleeper should try sleeping on your sidewise position and vice versa
  8. Keep the mattress free of dust, dirt, and debris.

If All Else FailsThen, it’s time for you to purchase a new mattress.


How to Fix Mattress Indentation. Before searching for any solutions for indentations, try to look for the warranty period. For temporary relief, use the mattress rotation, vacuum, and pillow placing methods.

If nothing goes well, try to purchase a new one. It might be because of the worst condition of your mattress.

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