How to fix drawers that fall out

How to fix drawers that fall out. Drawers are some of the essential pieces of furniture one can own. They store our essentials. If a drawer falls out, it can be pretty inconvenient.

When you pull drawers out too far, they can fall out. This can be a problem but one that can be easily fixed.

There are generally two types of drawers, wooden ones or steel ones. Both can be fixed relatively easily.

How to fix drawers that fall out
fix drawers that fall out

To stop the drawers from falling out repeatedly, placing stop blocks at the back of the drawer or fixing the slides at the side of the drawer can be the solution depending on the types of slides or rollers used in the drawer.

Fixing steel drawers

In steel drawers, the most common issue is worn or broken steel slides. They may have loose screws or may need replacing.

First and foremost, remove all the contents of the drawers. After that is done, remove the drawers from the stand. You may have to shake them left and right a bit.

Tighten all screws on the drawer and in the cabinet. Some slides may be completely broken and hopeless in terms of getting fixed. Check and recheck to ensure that this is not the issue.

Take out and check all the slides on which the drawer sits. Replace or fix and tighten as needed. Some worn-out slides may need replacing.

Put all the slides’ components, such as the rollers, back, and slide the drawers back in.

Check the drawers by sliding them in and out to check if they work correctly.

If the rollers have trouble getting fit properly, wiggle the drawer and try adjusting it on the tracks of the rollers.

Fixing wooden drawersfixing wooden drawers

If a drawer contains wooden rollers or slides, they may be tricky to fix but possible.

As done with the metal drawers, the first step in fixing the wooden drawers is o remove them from the dresser or stand and empty them entirely.

To fix the problem of the drawers falling out, a stop block is to be made or purchased. The purpose of a stop block is to stop the drawers from falling out if accidentally pulled a bit harder.

The size of the holes made in the stop block should be by the screws to attach it to the drawer.

Now set up the area and determine where the stop blocks need to be installed. Mark the area with a pencil and drill the block in the predetermined area.

After successfully installing the stop blocks, insert the drawers back in and rotate the stop block to work.

After putting the drawers back in, test if the stop blocks work sufficiently.

Restoring drawers

Sometimes, the only way to fix a drawer that keeps falling out is to replace it entirely. Some drawers get old and stop functioning normally.

This may be due to sagging and termite-infested old wood or simply the drawers going bad. In cases such as these, the drawers need to be replaced entirely.


An easy way of fixing drawers from falling out is using stop blocks that can be made or bought from stores. Detecting the drawer and fixing it accordingly is doable with the right tools and skills.

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