How to clean garbage disposal trap

How to clean garbage disposal trap. Cleaning the trap becomes necessary as it can get clogged. And when it’s clogged. It will work slowly or not work at all. So before that happens, we should clean it up.

I was at home when my disposal stopped working. I rang my friend who works as a mechanic. I asked him the reason why my device was not working.

The first thing he asked me was the last time I cleaned the trap. I was like… I don’t know. Then he told me the method to clean because he understood that I didn’t know how to.

I tried the steps; he told me, and it was a success. So I have stated the steps he told me. You can benefit from them if you read the article.

How to clean garbage disposal trap

clean garbage disposal trap

Turning off power is the starting thing. The disposal needs to be unplugged. Next is checking the garbage disposal. Now what you need is a cleaner.

Using a natural cleaner is better. Now comes the plunging. You need to plunge into the drain with the help of a plunge.

Plunge for some time to clear it completely after you are done. Turn the blades off manually.

Do not cut yourself while doing that. Now get something to clear the P-trap and clean it completely.


Follow the steps. And your query will be answered.

Power and gasket

Disconnect the power. Do this by removing the plug or by turning off the power. Removing the plug is better as it is more secure. Now comes the cleaning of the gasket.

It is a rubber splash guard and the first part because of the groves in its shape. It will probably have a lot of food particles and trapped grease.

To clean, remove from the drain by pulling. Use dishwashing soap and detergents to clean it. With a toothbrush, scrub the surface.

Remove any debris you see. The inside should be focused on as well.

Grinder cleaning

After removing the gasket, use a torch to check for food residue and leftovers that have gotten stuck in the grinder. Remove the particles by reaching the disposal with the help of pliers.

Refrain from using your hand. Though immovable, the sharpness of the blade is still present. Safety equipment like gloves is good.

Disposal cleaning with a mixture

disposal cleaning with a mixture

Put half a cup of baking soda in the disposal. Let it stay like that for about 30mins. It will deodorize it and remove all the smell.

On the soda, pour a cup of white vinegar. You will see a foamy mixture appearing on the sink.

The disposal will be cleaned by this picture. Let it happen for 5 minutes. Now pour warmed or boiled aqua and clean.

Cleaning the blades

Cleaning the blade is next. Attach the gasket back and the power supply as well. Turn it on. You need ice and at least two cups. Pour the cubes into the blades. Add salt to the ice. Let the blades grind the ice completely.

You will see that they are being cleaned, and the salt and ice mixture makes the perfect scrub. All the remains and debris are removed with ice water.

Odor removal

Now comes the last step of cleaning the trap. All the odor is removed in this step. Citrus is the best option. You can use lemon peels and any other citrus chemicals. You just need to stick the peel in the trap. Turn it on and pour cold water on it.

Let the machine work and let the water run. After a few minutes, when the peel is gone, turn it off. A fruity and refreshing scent can be smelled.


  • Sometimes you may not see the debris, but the smell present shows that it is there. So rely on it.
  • Keep grinding the peels until no noise of grinding is heard.
  • Turn off and then clean again at last.
  • Let all the particles wash off.
  • Clean thoroughly.


Cleaning the disposal trap should be a regular thing. Maybe the debris will become tough. Clean on time. Follow the above tips. Steps too. Read the guide. The guide will give you more information.

Regularly maintain the device. Call the company or do more steps. Ask your friends who have the same model.

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