How to change drive belt on troy bilt bronco riding mower

How to change drive belt on troy bilt bronco riding mower. Troy Bilt is a company acquired by MTD Products in 2001.

They are a reliable and one of the most known companies for lawnmowers. One of their most known lawnmowers is the Bronco.

While being highly durable, every piece of machine requires upkeep and maintenance once in a while.

How to change drive belt on troy bilt bronco riding mowerchange drive belt on troy bilt bronco riding mower

There are several steps involved in changing the drive belt of the riding mower.

When to change the belt

When the lawnmower seems to be sluggish or stops working, this may be due to the belt being worn or broken.

The belt needs immediate changing to work entirely again.

Ensuring safety

It is paramount to ensure that it is utterly safe to change the belt. This can be done by placing the lawnmower on level ground.

Then it is suggested to make sure the mower is completely cooled down to ascertain that there is no possibility of ignition.

The mower can also be put on a parking brake which releases the belt tension.

Removing the deck

The next step is to remove the deck. Adjust the mower deck to its lowest setting by pulling the deck lift lever all the way forward.

Now push the lever to the right to lock the position. Now the power take-off belt is to be removed from the engine pulley.

Unscrew the mower deck belt guard retainer bolts and lift the belt guards, setting them aside. Remove the PTO (pulley take-off) belt, which is now loose.

Remove the deck engagement cable by removing the quick link at the anterior part of the mower deck. Now, the PTO can be unhooked from the idler pivot bracket.

Removing hanger brackets

With maximal vigilance, remove the right and left hanger brackets, and the deck will be released.

Now bring the front-lift rod out of the deck by removing the bow-tie clip which secures it. The deck should slide out, giving a crystal clear view of the drive belt.

Accessing the drive belts

This step can be executed in two ways:

  • Removing the battery+battery tray
  • Turning the mower on its sides or elevating it

The formerly mentioned method follows the company guidelines but is known to be somewhat convoluted.

On the other hand, the second method is more effective when the mower is adequately supported while being tilted or elevated.

  • Removing Upper Drive Belt

The lateral springs are to be unhooked using rope or bent nose pliers. It is attached to the bottom of the drive belt.

Now, the idler pulley should be loosened enough to be lifted sufficiently for the belt to be pulled out of the top wheel of the variable speed pulley and off the transmission input pulley.

The upper belt can now be withdrawn from the battery opening.

  • Removing lower Drive Belt

The order of the parts being removed should be noted onwards. Remove bolt connecting PTO pulley to the engine crankshaft.

The belt guards stamped into the frame should now be clear by lowering the poly and belt.

Separate the pulley and crankshaft. From the double idler bracket, remove the rear flat idler pulley. The belt can now be removed.

  • Installing the new belt

The primary instruction is to do all the above-written steps backward. Test the belt before taking it out in the field and attach the belt tightly to guarantee the proper working of the lawnmower.

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