How Long For Air Purifier To Clean Room

How Long For Air Purifier To Clean Room. There are so many pollutants and toxins that shower in the air and we do not even notice them. If not taken care of can become an enormous problem for us.

Even if we do not think about ourselves, we should take care of the children in the house. The rise in air pollution is making this problem even worse than it is now.

An air purifier is a device that is used to clean the air in the room or the house. It uses filters and other instruments inside it to cleanse the air of the pollutants and any kind of toxins, making the air safe for us and the children as well.

The speed at which the purifier cleans depends upon various factors. Some purifiers are much faster than the other purifiers.

How Long For Air Purifier To Clean Room

how long for air purifier to clean room

The time taken by the purifier to clean a small room is about an average of 30 minutes. The time will increase if the room is big.

It can even take hours for a room to be completely purified. This factor also depends upon the air quality of your house.

The worse the quality, the more time it will take to cleanse your room. Let the purifier run for a couple of hours for a better result. The quality of the purifier can be taken as a factor too.

Factors on which the purifying time depends

All factors should be taken into consideration if you want to know the actual speed or the time taken by the purifier to purify. You can use these factors if you want to buy a good purifier.

Purifying power of the purifier

It is the first factor that should be taken into consideration. You should check the purifying rate of the purifier before you purchase one.

You can check this on the manual or even on the box. It will be written as ACH, which is the air changes per hour. The purifying power of the device depends upon the model. The new models purify faster than the old ones.

A good purifier should be able t clean the room at least three times in an hour. Meaning one cycle per twenty minutes. That is actually the standard industry times. Some purifiers can clean the room up to even five times in an hour.

Area of room

The area of the room is inversely proportional to the rate of purification of the room. That means the smaller the room, the faster it will be purified. The area has a great impact on the speed of purification.

If it is a small room like a living room. It will probably take 15 minutes or even less to get cleaned. The rooms that have more area or length will take more time as the purifier will need to cover more area.

If the room is big, then the time taken by the purifier can be even an hour. Sometimes it takes at least two hours to clean the air of the room properly.

Toxins and pollutants in the room

toxins and pollutants in the room

Unlike the area, the pollutants are directly proportional to the time of cleaning. The purifier will take much more time than it takes in less polluted air than it takes to clean the air that is more polluted.

If the level of toxins in the air is high, then the rate at which the cleaning of air occurs is slow. The purifier will take more time to process the air.

Tips to purify the air faster

  • Place the purifier in an open space.
  • Close the doors and windows for faster purification.
  • Make sure the furniture is placed in the right spot.
  • Maintain the purifier regularly for better results
  • Check the ACH before purchasing the purifier.


How much time should I use my purifier?

It depends upon the factors that are listed above. But letting it run for an hour will make sure that the air is cleaned properly. You can decrease the time of use depending upon the model of the purifier. Though it is advised to run it all day for better air.

Is buying a purifier a good idea?

Yes, buying a purifier is a good idea as the surrounding air is getting more and more polluted with time. To stay healthy, we should use a purifier.


How Long For Air Purifier To Clean Room. The rate at which the air is cleaned by a purifier is the time taken by it to clean the air.

The factors on which it might depend have been discussed above. Some tips that might help you in speeding up the process are also given above.

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