Homemade fly trap bait

Homemade fly trap bait. In the summer season, our yards and houses become a picnic spot for house flies.

These flies feed on garbage and then make our food unhygienic. These flies buzz in our houses all day. It is very important to get rid of them to keep a hygienic environment in our houses.

Homemade fly trap bait
homemade fly trap bait

There are various simple homemade bait traps to get rid of these files easily and cheaply.

These baits can be made with natural ingredients or common household items.

This article will share some quick and easy homemade bait traps to save you time.

How to make an effective homemade fly trap bait

Flies are highly attracted to anything sweet. So it is not difficult to attract them with honey or any syrup. To make a bait trap for flies, take a plastic bottle or any glass.

Put some honey or any syrup in the glass or bottle to attract flies.

Put duct tape or any plastic wrapping paper to cover the top of the glass or bottle. Put a small hole in the tape so flies can get in the glass or bottle easily.

Put this glass or bottle near the sink, garbage can, or fruit baskets. Once flies get in, they would not be able to get out of such a small hole.

Different types of flies are attracted to vegetables, meat, and fruit leftovers. So, to trap these flies, mix vegetables, fruits, or meat left over with some liquid such as juice, water, or vinegar and put it in a jar.

Cover the jar with tape having a hole in it. Flies will not be able to get out and will die eventually.

Vinegar bait fly trapvinegar bait fly trap

A vinegar bait fly trap works best in the case of fruit flies. This homemade bait trap is the easiest to make. All you have to do is to mix apple cider vinegar with a spoon of sugar or honey.

Add some dish wash. It has a fruity smell and put it all in the bowl.

For an effective trap cover, the bowl with plastic wrap has a few holes in it. Due to the sweet smell, flies will not be able to resist this mixture.

Once they get in the bowl, they will drown in the liquid, or even if they do not drown due to wrapping on the top, they will not be able to come out.

To get rid of these flies, another way is to use juice or wine. Take a bottle of juice or wine that is almost empty. Just leave a few drops of liquid in it.

Take a piece of paper and turn it into a cone shape. Now put this cone-shaped paper in the bottle. Flies will get in the bottle for wine or juice and will not be able to get out.

Make a Homemade Fly Trap

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