Generac error code 1505

Generac Error Code 1505. Generac Error means RMP sense loss. There is utility loss in your device. Press the enter button on your device two times. After pressing enter, press the auto button. Check the battery after that. The battery may have caused the sense loss.

My backup power generation by Generac was not working, and my generator showed an error, making the generator, not function. The error on my generator was 1505. I figured that 1505 is an error code, as almost all appliances have error codes these days.

After some research, I found that the error code I have is because of RMP sense loss. I checked why the RMP sense loss is caused and how RMP sense loss can be cleared. The RMP sense loss was caused by simple reasons, and I was able to clear the error code 1505 by fixing the loss.

Generac Error Code 1505generac error code

Having a backup generator can save you a lot of electric trouble. The electricity getting down can cause a disturbance in your work so a generator can be very helpful in that. But the generator will not be helpful if the generator is full of errors. Error 1505 is one of the error codes.

This code appears in Generac backup generators and emphasizes RMP sense loss. Removing some of and trying the generate again may let the generator work, but sometimes the auto button on the generator doesn’t work, and you have to set the generator manually because of utility loss.


To fix the code, you must know the reason the error code appears on the generator, and the meaning of the error code should also be known. 1505 is like 1515, and both of these error codes mean one thing, and that is EMP sense loss.

The RPM sense can be further described as the arousal of internal issues in the generator. You may call 1505 a fuel supply problem as well. If two units of the cylinder are cranking, then you will see error 1505.

The error code 1505 is set for the cranking of two cylinders at the least. 1515 differs because it’s for cranking a single one. Error 1505 occurs when the controller instructs both the engines to crank, but there was no feedback to the controller that the engines have turned or are stuck. The error 1505 will continue to appear until there is feedback from the engines to the controller of the generator.

Reasons and fixes

Now that the major cause of the error is known. The reason the engine does not give feedback to the controller should be known. Whatever causes the engines not to give feedback should be known. The cranking of the cylinders should be known too. Read more below.

Bad batterybad battery

The most common reason for this is a battery that is not in good health. The battery with poor health is commonly causing the cranking and not letting the controller give feedback to the engine.

If the battery’s health is poor, then the battery won’t have enough power to give feedback to the controller. The battery may not even have enough power to turn the engine or know if they have turned.

The cranking of the two cylinders may not take place with poor quality or poorly powered battery either. The battery’s health greatly affects the engine and the function of the generator.

The battery gives the sparking charge to the generator to start. The battery may have no charge because of its long usage. If the battery is bad or the health of the battery is poor. Get the battery charged and try using it, then.

Dead battery

If the battery is not bad and you tried charging it normally, then the worst case with the battery is that the battery is completely dead. By dead, the battery means either the condition of the battery has become useless, or the battery has just been deprived of charge completely. Hoping that the case is the latter, you should get that battery to charge manually like by using jumper cables and extra charge.

If the battery is just deprived, then with a shock, the battery will be back to its force. But if the battery is dead from the first case, no matter how many shocks you give to the battery. The battery will remain dead.

The battery dies when its life is complete. You have not used it for a long time, or it has been used too much. The only thing if the battery is dead or too bad is a replacement.

Starter issuestarter issue

If the battery has been changed or the battery is fine, then there may be a starter issue in the generator. The start may not be working correctly.

The starter takes charge from the battery and sparks the fuel, making the generator power on. The start may be faulty, or the start can be dirty. The two possibilities with faults or dirt in the starter are the main causes of generator error.

The dirt can get on the starter and the current because dirt cannot pass or touch the terminals correctly. If there is dirt on the starter of the generator, then clean the state of the generator carefully.

If the clean starter doesn’t work either, then the starter can be faulty. The starter can be cracked, or the state may be broken. The disconnection of the starter is also a common issue. Replace the starter.

Ignition coil issueignition coil issue

If there was no issue with the starter, then you should check the ignition coil of the generator. The ignition coil can get faulty as well.

The coils in the ignition coil have a limited life, just like the battery. The coils in the generator have different working.

If you have a coil that is not working, the age of the coil may have passed. The coils can get faulty with time and do not let the current pass through them. The ignition coil is important, as they are things that ignite the engine and make it work. Read more below!

General fixing

If the device shuts down and is trying to restart by alarming, press the enter button on the generator two times. This will clear the alarm. Then press the auto button present on the generator. Remove the load on the generator, which may be too much.

Put the generator back in the auto and restart the generator. Sometimes the generator doesn’t power in auto. This is because of utility loss. Press the enter button twice again and turn in the auto. Check the battery in the panel. Check the battery and replace it.

The last word

If you have a generator that is showing 105 as an error code, then your generator is facing RMP sensor loss. The reason is lack of fuel in the engine. Usually, the engine is not ignited because of a dead battery or bad health of the battery. Call the Generac support line. Thanks for reading.

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