Garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck

Garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck. It is very important to dispose of the waste material completely and carefully and not leave the disposal material in an open place.

It is very dangerous to health and other hazards. If a humming or buzzing sound starts coming from a garbage scrapping, then it is an indication that it should be replaced with new waste.

It does not mean you will have to call a professional to replace it like a switch; it means that you should get rid of the old garbage now.

Mostly there are two reasons for garbage disposal humming; the flywheel is stuck. If you have checked that flywheel is not stuck, then the other reason for this buzzing sound could be that its motor bearing has ceased.

It also hums when there is a shortage of power at the disposal, so that’s why it is producing a buzzing sound, and you will have to reset the unit.

Garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck

garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck

Garbage disposal is used everywhere nowadays for disposing of waste completely.

It performs an important role in the sink of the kitchen, but after usage for a long time, a humming sound starts coming out of the machine.

If the sound is not coming from the stuck parts, then it might be due to a slow current supply.

Make sure that children do not throw away such material, which is dangerous for the garbage disposal; otherwise, it will be jammed.

Following are some solutions to the causes that why your garbage disposal is humming when the flywheel is not stuck.

Security measures

If you want to fix the machine when it is humming, then you should take care of the security measures. Disconnect the power sully from the disposal unit by pulling out the plug from the socket.

One more thing to keep in mind is that do not put your hand into the disposal appliance; you can feel a shock even if it is switched off.

Propeller is jammed

Sometimes children throw the big food items into the unit or little small metal items, due to which they start humming sound.

First of all, switch off the power supply for self-safety, then open the unit from the bottom of the kitchen sink with the help of a wrench.

Now clean the large food material which has jammed the propeller.

Also, detach the small metal pieces if they are present inside the blades with the help of a magnet carefully. If this was the problem of hmming sound, then it will be removed now.

Seized motor bearings

If the flywheel of the disposal is not stuck, then the source of the humming sound is seized motor bearings.

It is your worse luck that bearings are seized and you will have to buy a new unit for the disposal of wastes.

GFC is tripped

gfc is tripped

If the GFC is tripped, then it will be not enough current or power supply to the unit, so it will start humming. You will have to reset the disposal for the solution to this issue.

First, see a red reset button at the bottom of the unit. By pressing this button, the disposal unit will reset the current, due to which the power supply will reach the circuit.

You will have to wait for some time for the cooling down of the unit and then see if the issue of the humming sound is solved.

Disposal generating more heat

If the issue is still not solved, then overheating of the electrical appliances also generates such humming sounds.

It is understood that a machine is overheated when you are using it continuously for a  long time. It is spinning but also humming now due to overheating.

Its simple solution is that switch off the disposal and lets it leave to cool for some time. After some time, turn it on and listen to the sound, and it disappears now because the unit has cool down now.


Having a disposal unit in the kitchen is a good thing because you can dispose of the food and items easily, but it is very necessary to maintain it properly, like do not throw away big food items.

Which are difficult to break down as well. As do not use the unit for at a time; otherwise, it will heat up and generate a humming sound.

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