Framed shower door leaks at bottom

Framed shower door leaks at bottom. The framed shower shows signs of leaking first, and then it leaks a lot because of clogs. There are drain holes present at the bottom.

The bottom holes get clogged, and that causes the shower door to leak from the bottom position.

I was going to shower after football, but while I started showering, I noticed at the bottom of the frame door that water was leaking. The bottom of the shower door frame shouldn’t leak, I thought.

Then I checked and found the shower door frame leaking at the bottom reason.

The leaking at the bottom of the shower door was mainly because there were clogs in the drain holes, and as the drain holes are blocked, the water goes out of the shower door because there is no other place for the water to go.

Framed shower door leaks at bottom

If you have a shower door leaking at the bottom, then you are having water problems. The water leaks through the shower door frame only at the bottom of the frame.

The bottom of the frame is the target of leaking, as water can only lift that much at the bottom.

The water lifts because of the drain holes. As the drain holes are the place for water to go at first, but when the holes get clogged, the water only sees the shower door as a clear path, and then water exits through the bottom of the shower door. Read more below!

Reasons for leaking

reasons for leaking

The leaks through the shower door’s bottom don’t happen without reason.

The water reaches the bottom, and that’s why it leaks, but the shower door shouldn’t leak even if the water has reached the bottom of the frame.

Let’s see why the shower door leaks below.

Drain holes

drain holes

There are holes at the bottom of the frame, saying precisely there are drain holes at the bottom.

The leakage of the shower door is from the bottom, so you know that the drain hole should have some part in the leaking.

The clogged holes at the bottom don’t leave space for water to get, and thus water forces its way through the bottom of the shower and makes the shower door frame leak.

Until the drain holes remain like that, you won’t have any escape from the water leaking. The water will keep leaking through the shower door.


If you want the water to not come through because of the clogs, then you are going on clog removal duty.

You have two main methods to clean the sower clogs that are causing the water to escape through your shower door. You may need to remove the holes manually.

A brush can be used to remove the drain hole clogs as they will reach the holes. You may need a special device to clear the clogs in the drain hole.

The special device should be handled carefully for clogs. Just remove all the drain hole clogs.

Door seals

door seals

Seas are important for frameless doors, and there are always seals installed on the frameless shower doors.

The seals of the frameless door will present on the vertical edge, and through the vertical edge, the seals will be on the stationary pane.

This contact between the vertical edge and the stationary pane keeps the water from leaking through the door. The seals do not allow the water to move through the door crack.

Even though it disallows water to exit, the door of the shower swings perfectly fine, the seals can be damaged or not installed right, and this is making the water leak.

The door can be delicate, and they can get damaged with time, causing the cracks to be open wide for the water to get out of them. The durability of the seal can decrease with time, and so they can leak.


If you have door seals that are causing the leaks, then you should check of the seal is perfectly attached to the shower door’s frame. If the seal of the door is not attached correctly, remove the seal and attach the shower’s seal smoothly until the water doesn’t leak.

The seal may be attached correctly, but there can be damage to the seal. You will need to get the seal of the door to be changed. You can change the door seal and make the leaking need very quickly. Maintain the seal of the shower door timely.

Shower sweeps

shower sweeps

Seals are one thing that keeps the water from exiting through the shower door. In different shower doors, especially the frameless shower doors, there are sweeps on the shower doors as well as seals.

The sweeps may not be present on all doors, but the sweep is mostly present on the frameless doors.

The sweeps are present at the bottom of the door, just like seals and drain holes, but the sweeps are attached to the door, unlike the drain holes.

The sweeps do not let the water exit through the bottom as they hold the water to not moving away from them.

But the sweeps can also be worn out with time, just like the door seals. The shower sweeps won’t hold the water inside and let it out when they are weak, and the door sweeps result in leaking when they are weak.


Keeping the leakage of the sweeps in mind, you need to check the sweeps at the bottom of the door.

The sweeps should be checked for damage and made sure that there is no leakage in them. If there is leakage in the sweeps because of the loose fitting of the sweeps, then check for other damage.

The sweeps do not last forever, either. You may need to make the shower doors have new sweeps, as the damage to the door sweeps will not be repairable.

The replacement of shower door sweeps can be done by anyone. You may get a professional.

Shower curbs

shower curbs

You can call the steps the shower curbs. You can step inside the shower by using the curb and even get out of the shower by stepping on the curb.

The height of the shower curb is not much, but the curb keeps the water inside the shower and is important in the shower.

The shower curbs act like shields that don’t let water out. The shield also creates a slant on water that further keeps the water from getting leaked.

The water lands on the curbs and remains in the shower as the barrier stops the water from leaving.


The shower curbs sometimes are not present in the shower as they are not necessarily installed in all showers. The curb can also break, and that gives the water a pathway to escape.

So the threshold needs to be repaired. You can change the shower curb if repairing the shower curb feels a little too much.



The last main thing responsible for the leaking of water through the shower is the caulking. Caulk is present at the edges of the door, and it prevents the water from getting out.

The caulking is not present only for the frameless doors like other points, but for the doors with frames, the caulking is also present there.

The caulking is an important part of both frameless and framed doors.

The caulking at the doors is present at their edges. The water doesn’t get out because of the calling. The caulking keeps the water inside.

If you see that the water is leaving the shower, you should check if the caulk is missing or damaged.

The moisture escapes when the caulk is not present, or the caulk of the shower door is worn. The caulk is important, so it should be checked.


The fix to caulking is getting the caulking in its place if the caulking is missing.

You may need a new caulk to be placed at the bottom edges for you to cover them. Replacing the caulk can be easy if you know how the caulks are installed.


If you have a shower door that leaks at the bottom, then you will need to be careful with checking the leaks.

The door itself may be cracked, so check if the sower door has cracks in it. Follow the above in other problems. Call a professional.

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