Firestick keeps crashing

Firestick keeps crashing. Firestick is the best device to change your normal tv into a smart tv. When you connect an Amazon firestick device to the tv, then you can stream different live platforms like Amazon video prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

However, it isn’t very reassuring to see your firestick keep crashing when you are watching your favorite film. If it happens once, then it is not frustrating, but if your firestick strat reboots and crashes at regular intervals, then it can annoy you because it ruins the movie experience.

There are many causes responsible for this problem, but mostly it occurs due to a power problem with a firestick. The device must get electric power constantly.

If something is wrong, the firestick will not get enough power, and it will crash suddenly and restart automatically without pressing the power button on the remote control.

Keep reading this post for other causes and solutions that may be responsible for Fire Stick restarting without any input.

Firestick keeps crashing

Nothing is more tragedic than to see your firestick device suddenly start crashing due to unknown reasons when you are watching the movie at its climax because you can not enjoy the movie when the Amazon device is continuously restarting.

Firstly, it’s necessary to insert and remove the firestick device properly into the tv. So, always connect and disconnect the device carefully from the tv port to make sure there is no damage to the port and firestick.



The first thing to keep in mind is don’t allow your firestick to overheat. When you keep connecting the firestick to watch movies, shows, and other entertainment platforms, then the device will overheat and start crashing.

Some people have the habit of continually watching tv by connecting a firestick to the tv. It is a very bad practice because it overheats your TV and your firestick device, ultimately resulting in sudden crashing.

In this situation, please turn off your conventional tv and carefully remove the firestick device from the tv and cool it down for one hour.

Re-insert the Amazon firestick device into the tv after one hour to test if the device is still crashing or problem is resolved.

Update software

If your firestick keeps crashing, then look for firestick software pending updates.

Outdated software, glitches, and bugs force the device to reboot again, so refresh your software and update the latest version in your device to install new features in your Amazon firestick device.

If you don’t know the steps of updating the software in the firestick, then connect your device to the tv and follow these instructions.

  • Go to Menu Settings
  • Select My Fire Tv
  • Select About
  • Tap on System Updates

Check cables

check cables

When you connect the fire tv devices with the tv, then make sure you are using the right power cable and it is not loose because if the cable is not tightened, the firestick device will crash because it will extract more power.

So, ensure the power cable is not connected tightly to the outlet and it is receiving enough power to protect the fire tv stick from crashing.

See the sign of damage on the power cord and other HDMI cables you have connected to the fire tv stick and tv. If you find any damaged or frayed cable, then change the cable.

Check internet connection

check internet connections

All smart devices need a fast internet connection to stream. If the firestick is crashing, then check internet access because, without WIFI signals, the firestick is nothing.

When you experience the fire tv stick crashing, then ensure it is connected with the internet router or not. Test the internet speed on streaming any other app on your smartphone.

Suppose your smartphone is streaming the app fastly. In that case, it means there is not an issue with the internet but if there is no internet access on the smartphone also, then reboot the router by disconnecting the router cable from an outlet for one minute and then connecting the router cable in the outlet.

Rebooting the router refreshes the internet and removes the software glitches, and the internet starts working smoothly.

However, if there is a service down in the area due to some maintenance, then you have the only option to wait for internet service.

Clear the cache data

Another reason of fire tv stick keeps crashing is corrupted flies in some apps. So, if you experience an issue with a specific app that crashes when you launch it, clear the app cache data.

If you have no idea how to clear the app cache data on a fire tv stick, read these points

  •  Go to the home screen
  • Select Settings
  • Choose Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Choose the app that crashes
  • Select Clear cache
  • Click Clear data.

Hopefully, the problem will be solved after clearing the app cache data, so start streaming the app on a fire tv device to test whether it is crashing or running smoothly now.

Reinstall the app

reinstall the app

If clearing the app cache data does not fix teh problem and the app is still crashing the firestick device, then uninstall the app from the app store and download again to reinstall the app.

Full storage

The fire tv stick also starts to hang and crash when the device’s memory is full.

So, clear the cache data from all the apps as well as delete the necessary apps and data to free up the memory in the device.

Factory reset

Factory reset is probably the last option when you see the above steps do not work and your fire tv stick is crashing.

It is the last step because it not only refreshes all the glitches and bugs but also wipes the store data, apps, and accounts.

So, before you go to system settings and factory reset the device, don’t forget to remember all the emails and passwords of all accounts.


The last thoughts on this article are if your fire tv stick is crashing, then it’s a very annoying situation to watch the tv.

All the possible troubleshooting ways are explained in detail for you if you don’t want to call the professional and fix the device by yourself.

However, if you are not successful and won’t be able to fix the fire tv stick, then your last bet is to call teh professional.