Ecobee thermostat problems

Ecobee thermostat problems. Having cold air or warm temperature in the house depends on you. Specific devices are required to keep the temperature in check.

Other devices are required to get the temperature of the house or just your room to a suitable level.

If you are a cold temperature person, you will need an air conditioner, but even if you like cold weather, you will need warm room temperature in winter.

Unless you want to freeze, you will need a heater or, even better, a thermostat system that will set the temperature on its own and keep you warm.

Ecobee is a company that has a lot of experience in this field. The thermostats by Ecobee are widely used, and they perform an excellent job of keeping the temperature warm.

The temperature isn’t too warm as it’s set by your preference, and the default Ecobee temperature is also set accordingly.

Setting aside the advantages of the Ecobee thermostat, there are multiple thermostat issues in Ecobee, just like in any other thermostat.

The thermostat issues in Ecobee need to be found and then solved. Proper troubleshooting of each thermostat problem is required to get the thermostat back on the roll successfully.

I had some Ecobee thermostat problems that required troubleshooting. I researched, and after contacting Ecobee services, I was able to get the temperature of the room set.

Power issues and other problems are found in the thermostats of Ecobee. I have gathered the troubleshooting data. Read to learn!

Ecobee thermostat problems

Having problems with your thermostat by Ecobee in the middle of cold water or a season like winter isn’t pleasant.

The cold weather of winter without the thermostat will freeze you. Troubleshooting and fixing the thermostat can save you from freezing horror. Multiple problems are faced by Ecobee.

Ecboee can face power issues at the lowest level. The problem can be with its sensors. Temperature control or Wi-Fi may be your culprit. Incorrect thermostat settings are also a problem.

The wrong wiring of the thermostat can affect the temperature. Some common Ecobee thermostat problems are below. See more below!

Powering issues (Not turning on)

powering issues (not turning on)

Powering issue includes the problem of Ecobee not turning on. The biggest problem with a thermostat is it not turning on.

No function can work if the thermostat won’t even start. The powering issue in the thermostat can be troubleshooter and fixed.

Power issues occur in a thermostat because of several causes listed below.

Power wire

Let’s start with the power wire, as it can be the basic issue stopping the thermostat from not powering on.

Wiring is responsible for taking power from the outlet to the thermostat, or if it’s internal wiring, it’s responsible for supplying power from the main board.

Bad wiring installation settings can be a drag. Bad wiring isn’t just going to let your thermostat keep the temperature constant, but it will further damage the thermostat.

Bad wiring of the thermostat can lead to complete thermostat failure and can even become a safety hazard.

If the wiring of the thermostat is and then setting the wires to the correct position and using the right wires will solve it.

Ecobee not turning on

Having spare wires will keep you safe. Getting the thermostat wiring done by a professional is safer as doing the wiring by yourself may lead to wrong wiring again. All the wires should be rewired.

Circuit breaker

circuit breaker

If the wiring of Ecobee doesn’t lack correction, then the breakers should be checked. Actually, checking the breakers before the wiring is wiser.

The wiring can be correct, but problems with breakers are much more common than that.

The circuit breaker can be tripped as the first problem. Tripped circuit check should be the first focus in breakers.

Check the circuit breaker on the breaker box of the main breaker panel. Usually, the breakers trip because of a power surge. In case the thermostat circuit break or the breaker supplying the power is tripped, undo it.

You can fix a tripped breaker by switching the breaker back to close. The current will start flowing through the closed breaker circuit, and Ecobee will receive power from it.

Ecobee sensor unavailable

In case of fuse, replace the fuse as the old one will be a melted one.

Low voltage output

Insufficient voltage is a big problem too. If the wiring is permanently correct and matches the guide, and even the circuit breakers are intact, then the culprit f the thermostat is low voltage.

If the voltage is low, being an electronic device, the thermostat won’t work.

Check if the voltage is insufficient by using a voltmeter. Using a multimeter is the same as using a voltmeter as a multimeter can measure voltage by setting it on volt.

You can just touch the process of either voltmeter or multimeter on the terminals to check the voltage.

The voltage should be 24VAC as the minimum requirement of the Ecobee thermostat. Thermostat wires can be touched by the probes too.

If the voltage is low, check for a solution. If the voltage is complete, then the power issue of the thermostat has some other culprit. Move to next.


c wire

The last issue involves C wire. If you have used C wire to hard-wire the thermostat, then your problem is probably because of the wire.

Start with the power source connected to the C wire. The transformer can be a problem, but replacing the transformer should be left to the professionals.

If the C wire isn’t the issue, then the C adapter will be the problem.

Check the C terminal and see if C terminal has broken or connected incorrectly with the wire. The c terminal can be cleaned if it is covered and connected properly to the wire.

In case you are using a power extender kit, you need to check the connection.

Make sure the power extender kit connections are secure. The kit should be working properly. Set the connections again for the kit to work and make it work.

High-limit temperature sensor

If all the power issues weren’t able to solve your power problems, then a high-limit temperature sensor may be the power culprit.

If the thermostat lost complete power, then the sensor may have tripped. The temperature sensor trips when the temperature is too high. All power is lost, and the thermostat requires a reboot.

If the temperature sensor has tripped, then let the thermostat cool down and turn the tripped sensor back on.

If the sensor heats up and reboots, let it. After the sensor has cooled down and you have turned it on. The thermostat will work.

Air conditioning issues

air conditioning issues

The air conditioner in the thermostat may not be working. If the conditioner isn’t working, then the thermostat won’t be working and regulating the temperature.

Air conditioning is an important factor in temperature control by an Ecobee thermostat. Frequent rebooting is related to this problem.

Water building up in the HVAC system is the major cause of the air conditioner not working.

The water buildup is responsible for the frequent rebooting of the thermostat.

Not only the thermostat but the conditioner won’t work either. The water buildup isn’t a pleasant problem as you need to get the water out.

If there is water building up in the HVAC system, then you will see moisture appearing around it.

Water leakage may also be seen around it, indicating the water buildup in the system. Moisture can be excessive because of the buildup around the area of the unit.

The blockage in the system is caused by dirt and debris building inside. Algae can also form inside the pan and cause it to block.

The blockage is responsible for turning off the thermostat as the device’s safety mechanism shuts all the power by itself and won’t allow a passage.

Removing the debris and the algae in the drainpipe by cleaning it is the best fix. Start by turning the power of the HVAC system off.

Clean all the algae by completely removing it and the dirt. After cleaning, power the thermostat on and reset the device to enjoy it safely.

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Actual Furnace control board

actual furnace control board

The furnace can have its own issue n the thermostat. The furnace is responsible for providing heat to the room by cooperating with the thermostat.

If the furnace isn’t turning on, then power to the furnace may be disrupted, or the furnace may overheat and shut down.

The furnace overheats and causes problems. It requires temperature correction.

There is a fuse in the furnace, saving the furnace in case of a power surge. Find the furnace panel to access the fuse.

The wire in the body of the furnace fuse should be checked to see if it has melted. You can also see black around the fuse or on the fuse. Check the HVAC control board.

If the fuse is black or the area around the fuse is black, that means the fuse is no longer in use.

If the fuse has melted and you see black, then replace the fuse. The components of the furnace aren’t interchangeable, but the parts can be fixed.

There are temperature sensors in the furnace too. They turn the furnace off in case they feel too much heat.

The furnace’s airflow can get blocked because of clogging in the air filters, and this clogging causes the air not to pass, making the furnace overheat.

Cleaning the air filters of the furnace is the first step. Not letting the furnace work too much will stop it from getting overheated.

You can check if the thermostat has a heat problem or something else by the symbol present on it. The symbol is shaped like a fire to indicate it.

If there is an orange fire symbol, then the thermostat is calling for heat, while on the white symbol, the case isn’t heating.

The white symbol means the temperature difference between the house and the outside isn’t too much to cause overheating. Long-term use of the furnace causes it to overheat.



Sometimes the heating and cooling aren’t a thermostat’s problem, but the problem lies with the ecobee thermostat screen.

The touchscreen of your thermostat is important for controlling its functions of the thermostat. The touchscreen may not be working at all, or it’s glitching and not working.

Sometimes the thermostat and its components get loose, so remove the thermostat from the wall and mounting.

Check for loose parts and mount the thermostat back. Carefully tighten the thermostat after placing it back.

This might resolve the loose parts of the thermostat, and the touchscreen may start working again. It’s a basic screen fix.

If the touchscreen isn’t working, rebooting the thermostat may be a good idea. Rebooting Ecobee is a pretty great idea. It’s an easy task.

You need to turn the furnace’s circuit breaker off and let it stay off for 3o seconds. The heating system and the thermostat will both reset.

If the reboot is successful and the touchscreen is good to go, then you don’t need this, but if the touchscreen isn’t working even after the reboot, you need this step.

This step for touchscreen is about resetting the thermostat and using it from the start.

Factory setting reset should be the last resort for the thermostat. All settings will require configuring if you want to reset the Ecobee thermostat.

After greeting, the thermostat will require connections from scratch, and the touchscreen may still not work. Using factory data reset is the last resort presented here.

You can go to the Ecobee app and select the settings option. Tap the reset option. Three options will appear, showing three types of resets.

Reset Schedule and Preferences will be the second option. Reset Registration will be the 2nd option, and All reset will be the third option. Select All reset to reset the thermostat.

You can select other reset options if you want. Configuration time will be saved by using those reset options.

The thermostat will reset to default after you have done All reset. The touchscreen will work now. If not, get a professional to replace the touchscreen.

Drain Line

drain line

The dust in the HVAC system is collected by the condenser coil present in the drain line. Dust is the arch-nemesis of the drain line.

The dust in the condenser coil can clog the drain line. Moisture is taken out through the drain line.

The moisture is drained out near the outdoor unit. The moisture doesn’t get out if the drain lines are blocked or clogged.

You should check the drain lines properly.

Check if there is clogging in the drain lines thoroughly. Use a torch to check the clogs clearly and make sure of their existence.

Cleaning the clogs in the drain line is easy. Vinegar is great when used in distilled form. Detach the drain line and pour the vinegar into it.

Let the vinegar move to all the clogs and open them. Reattach the drain line after cleaning the clogs and check it.

Air conditioner coils

air conditioner coils

Ac coils are important for the conduction of electricity. Copper is the material used to manufacture the coils. Copper s used because of its excellent conducting ability.

But copper can be corroded. If the coils of the thermostat are exposed, then they will corrode very fast.

The fins and the coils are very delicate parts of the thermostat. Copper isn’t as strong as iron.

Cleaning them by yourself will be difficult, and you may accidentally damage the cols by cleaning roughly. The fragile coils, when cleaned with too much force, won’t clean, but rather, they will break.

Getting a professional to clean the core coils and the fins is better. Cleaning the coils requires a professional touch.

You can contact an HVAC technician and ask him to clean the coils. The coils will get cleared of dust, and corrosion will be removed by professionals. Move to next.

Ecobee thermostats calibrating

Ecobee calibrating is a common problem with Ecobee thermostats. Calibrating occurs with all thermostats that are installed. This happens on the first run.

Calibration also occurs in case of a power outage. Calibration also occurs in case the thermostat is rebooted intentionally. Changing some thresholds also makes the thermostat calibrate.

The calibration rake is a maximum of twenty minutes. It takes faster in small places. Sometimes 5 minutes is enough for calibration.

If calibrating takes more than the time above or the calibrating message stays even after 20 minutes, the celebrating process has encountered an error. The calibrating error is common.

If the calibrating error doesn’t go away, it’s better to reboot the thermostat. The thermostat will take about 20 minutes to reboot.

Removing the thermostat from the wall and reattaching the thermostat will reboot it. After rebooting, let the calibrating occur for another 20 minutes to see if it goes forward.

If the calibration, even after the reboot, takes more than 20 minutes or doesn’t calibrate at all, take the thermostat and go to see if it has any updates.

Update the thermostat to the latest firmware as mentioned in the firmware problem and see the celebrating error disappear. Use the control panel or smart recovery settings.

Float switch

float switch

The drain pipe can get clogged, and it affects the float switch as well.

The clogging of the drain pipe causes the float switch to trip. The tripping of the float switch can be closed even without the blockage of the drain pipe.

The float switch won’t let the HVAC system work when it is tripped. Clear the clogging in the drainpipe and check the float switch.

Inquire is a bit to check if the float switch is actually tripped or not. The float switch can be found through the furnace or the air handler.

The terminal indicating R can be followed. If the float switch was tripped, turn the switch back.

Check if the drawing is normal after you have turned it in. Place the thermostat back and check the drainage again. If the drain resumes, the issue has been resolved.

Wi-Fi connection

wi fi connection

Connection sensors sometimes cause a problem with the connection with the thermostat.

Usually, the connection issue with thermostats is because of spotty Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi with weak signals.

Wi-Fi connection problems occur in a smart thermostat. A blown fuse isn’t a problem for Wi-Fi, as a blown a fuse is involved in the breaker section.

If you have a thermostat connection issue, move the remote closer to the thermostat sensor.

Sometimes the issue is with a newly set thermostat, while other times, an old thermostat shows signs of problems. Let’s see connection issues.

Sometimes you have a dual-band router, but you are using the wrong frequency to connect it.

You need a connection to enable smart cooling recovery. You need to connect to a 2.4GHz band with a dual band rather than a 5Ghz band. A smart thermostat with voice control works with both bands.

The thermostat’s firmware gets new updates for the addition of features. Removal of bugs in the thermostat is also by the update.

Firmware updates can be seen in the main menu after you go to the about section and then tap the version.

Router encryption settings are the next things you need to check. TKIP encryption has been removed from the settings. Making the router compatible requires changing the settings.

Setting the encryption type to WPA/WPA2-AES is effective as mostly these connections are used with Wi-Fi to connect.

Temperature correction

temperature correction

Temperature correction is an important aspect of a thermostat as temperature correction is the job of the ecobee thermostat.

All ecobee thermostats are bound to control the temperature, but sometimes the te, the feature set by the ecobee thermostats, is wrong, and you may use offset temperature correction to attain the correct temperature.

Sometimes cool air is the only thing coming from the ecobee thermostat.

An accurate temperature reading is sometimes required as the temperature checked by the ecobee thermostats is incorrect.

Rebooting the ecobee thermostat will solve ecobee smart problems. The wrong temperature will is corrected by ecobee smart thermostats. If the problem cannot be solved, then contact ecobee support.


Having an ecobee smart thermostat is great for setting the optimum temperature of the house.

Sometimes ecobee faces problems like ecobee temperature wrong settings or remote sensors not working, and remote sensors are important to control with a remote.

Ecobee sensors are great, but a sensor can get damaged. In any case, contact ecobee support as ecobee support will solve most problems.