Dishwasher not getting water

Dishwasher not getting water. Dishwashing is a cautious task; furthermore, it is tedious and hectic for many of us. That’s why many of us have dishwashers at home to reduce the burden; moreover, it is a healthier and safe dishwashing way.

Washing pots with hands requires a massive effort and care because many pots are delicate to handle and become slippery when dishwasher.

Thus, the dishwasher holds a glass tumbler and other fragile utensils very carefully and accurately to prevent any kind of damage.

Like other electronic devices, dishwashers also become defective, and one of the common issues is un-filling water. Due to different reasons, the dishwasher doesn’t get the water, and cleaning the utensils becomes problematic.

Although it is a big issue, it is still effortless to handle. Want to know how? Go through the article to learn the ways to repair your dishwasher.

Dishwasher not getting water
Dishwasher Not Getting Water

Float can cause the dishwasher to not get water; a broken tank may be responsible too. The water inlet valve is pressing its own matter.

The door switch problem is another problem. The solenoid can cause the water to not get to the washer as well.

Float issues

The float is placed at the bottom of the dishwasher; it rises when the water level increases in the tank. It lets the water fill until it reaches the internally set point and stops the tank from overflowing. The float, while flowing up or when below, can get stuck at a position.

This doesn’t allow water to fill, and the dishwasher is unable to get any water. The float switch has the same problem. If the assembly gets stuck in its place, the switch doesn’t get pushed, and water doesn’t flow.

It can also get stuck when pressing the switch and this water won’t even enter the tank. In case the float assembly is stuck, move it a bit to get it moving. In case the switch or the assembly is broken, replace them.

Clogged/broken Inlet Valve

How To Test A Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve (the Right Way)

Water inlet valves help fill the water in the dishwasher. If the inlet valve doesn’t help in filling water, then water won’t reach the designated location.

The inlet valve won’t help water fill when it is blocked with debris or dirt.

Therefore, you need to clean the inlet valve to enable it to fill the dishwasher with water. Clean it completely, or it’ll get clogged again soon.

If you feel the inlet valve is not dirty, then check if it is broken. You can replace the inlet valve if the water inlet valve is broken.

Problematic switch
Fill The Dishwasher With Water For Effective Functioning

Door switches are small in size and are tucked inside the dishwasher control panel or could be a part of the door latch.

The door latch pulls the door efficiently and prevents water from leaking during a cycle.

If the door switch isn’t getting water, it means the door switch is clogged, and thus no water can pass. The door switch needs unclogging, or the dishwasher will remain useless.

If Dishwasher Not Getting Water, then there could be an issue with the door switch. Check it out to fix the problem.

Solenoid replacement
Drain Valve And Solenoid

If your dishwasher is Not Getting Water and you have done with the float, float switch, inlet valve, and door switch, check the drain valve and solenoid.

A drain solenoid regulates the drain valve of the dishwasher.

If the solenoid is faulty, it may not let the drain valve function efficiently, which could be the cause of the dishwasher not getting water.

Look into the drain valve and test the solenoid; if you find it malfunctioning, replace it.

Adopt the guide described above to fill the dishwasher with water for effective functioning.


The dishwasher not getting water means that no dishes are getting washed in the dishwasher. Water is necessary for washing.

The water inlet valve is responsible for entering the water, while the door aids it in passing the water to the dishes.

The solenoid regulates the water supply while the float switch and the assembly control the level of water and stop the overflow. The guide has a replacement of all the parts, including solenoid replacement. Read it.

How To Test A Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve (The Right Way)

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