Dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack

Dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack. Usually, the bottom rack isn’t cleaned by the dishwasher if the tray is broken. Repairing the tray is rather not beneficial, so replacement is better.

My dishwasher was cleaning the top rack, but with the bottom rack, nothing happened. The bottom rack was as dirty as I put it. I put it again and waited for it to get cleaned, but still nothing.

I asked customer care, and they told me to check the tray. When I checked, it was broken, but I fixed the problem. The method to fix it is not written in the guide.

I write this article as a guide on how. So keep reading!

Dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack

dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack

Debris build-up commonly causes the bottom rack to not get cleaned. Filter needs proper cleaning; you need to remove the drain filter to look for debris.

The bottom rack is removed before removing the drain filter. After the bottom rack, remove the drain filter itself.

Wash it with pressure under the tap. If the filter is clean, you need to check the tray. The tray, when broken, will not allow the bottom rack to get washed. If the tray is broken, repair it. Change the train.


The reasons are different, but they cause the same problem. Let’s see it.

Broken tray

The soap is supplied to the dishes when the tray is open. It basically opens so you can put the soap in. Then it shuts or closes itself. It closes because of the dishwasher cycle.

The dispenser needs to open during the cycle. It opens to release the soap. The soap, when released, reaches the dishes. The cycle continues for the top and the bottom rack.

The story changes if the tray is broken. In damaged form, the soap is not released by the tray. And without soap, cleaning isn’t possible. If the tray is broken, the bottom rack won’t be cleaned. The top rack won’t be cleaned either.

The trays, when broken, are not repairable, so we replace them. The racks need to be removed first. You can easily take them out by looking at the guide.

Do not let them bend by using too much force. Now you need to take the old trays out. They are damaged or probably broken. You can throw them, but before that, buy similar trays. Place the trays and then put the racks back and check the washing.

Blocked spray holes

dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack 2022

Water is launched on the dishes with a spray gun having good pressure. If the holes of the guns are blocked, the pressure will be low, and the water may not even be launched.

The holes get blocked because of hard water. Actually, by the minerals in it. The minerals deposit. They form a tough and thick layer.

The water has no place to be released from, and thus no racks are cleaned. Especially the bottom racks. So when you check the dishes on the bottom rack, they aren’t washed. The top rack doesn’t get washed, either.

The easiest thing you can use is pointy but slim things like a paper clip. Use the pointy edge and remove the minerals in the holes. The minerals will move, and water will come out.

If you want a better solution, you need to remove the spray bars. It’ll take time to remove, but cleaning them will solve the problem better as the minerals are expunged.

While in the other method, they remain in the holes. After removing, let them soak in lime. Then with hot water, clean them. Reinstall them at their place and check them out.

Drain filter debris

drain filter debris

Food debris from the dishes blocks the filter and does not allow water passage. The water doesn’t get to the dishes because the filter has no open place.

Without water, the dishes get nothing to get cleaned. Soap isn’t enough because water is the most important part.

Cleaning the filter and removing the debris is the only way to get water. The filter needs to be removed for cleaning. Take the racks out of the appliance.

Then you can get the filter out. Do it carefully. After removing the filter, give it water pressure by putting it under a tap. Then put the filter back. Place the racks. And test the device for bottom rack cleaning.

You can use this method to clean for now and prevent it for later.


Dishwasher not cleaning bottom rack. The bottom rack, if not getting cleaned, needs a solution. The problem above is three primary problems. The steps to remove the problems are there. Start with checking the tray because that is the main reason.

Then check the holes of the sprayer. The filter comes next. If there is any technical problem, call a professional. Learn and share the methods you see as well.

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