Diatomaceous earth not killing fleas

Diatomaceous earth not killing fleas. Over the past few years, people have experienced infestations of various pests, specifically in summer, since most of them are friendly to warm climates.

Since the problem of infestation of these pests has been going up and up every year, therefore there has been debate over many pest-killing methods.

I will discuss flee, flee a common pest found in our home, especially on our animals and on our carpets.

There has been debate about them being killed by diatomaceous earth. The debate is whether the diatomaceous earth is a good pesticide for killing fleas or not.

Some people argue it is effective to kill fleas, while some disagree with this. One day I wanted to apply this powder, but at that moment, the uncertainty on this matter held me up, so I didn’t execute my plan to use diatomaceous earth.

However, researching this matter made my mind clear that it is effective to kill the fleas, but it also got me a bit late in taking up action against them.

Tomorrow you can have this problem as well. Then what will you do?

Diatomaceous earth not killing fleas

diatomaceous earth not killing fleas

If you face the problem of fleas, then what would you do then? Stay unsure about the killing of fleas by using diatomaceous earth.

Actually, you should know certain important points to understand this matter, points as what variety of diatomaceous earth is safe to use for family and pets and which one would work to kill the fleas, and how to use the diatomaceous earth to kill the fleas.

Food grade diatomaceous earth

There is a variety of diatomaceous earth is available on the market since many people buy the variety of “pool grade” that is used to clean the pool, which is not friendly for their use and for pets.

Therefore, you must be mindful of the fact that you need to buy a “food grade” variety of diatomaceous earth if you want your family and pet to be protected from its use.

Is inhaling food-grade diatomaceous earth harmful to the lungs?

I don’t know why people have created this myth that inhaling food-grade diatomaceous earth harms the lungs. It is wrong; it’s baseless. Therefore, use this variety of diatomaceous earth with no hesitation.

Points that need to be kept in mind

Following points, keep in mind concerning the usage of diatomaceous earth.

Not recommended for pets

It is least recommended to rub diatomaceous earth on the pets regularly. The best is you opt for some alternative method to kill fleas from pets, or you rub the DE on them once or twice a week.

Keep it from moisture

Keeping it from moisture is the best care you can do for diatomaceous earth because moisture can affect its effectiveness.

It must be food grade DE

Many people buy pool grade variety of diatomaceous earth that is used to clean the pools, which harms their family and their pets. You should not be one of those if you want to kill the fleas.

To kill the fleas without harming your family and pet, food-grade variety is ideal. Therefore, you make sure you buy only food-grade variety.

Switch off the fan

switch off the fan

Before you apply the powder named diatomaceous earth on carpets, make sure you have the fans switched off so that the blow from the fan doesn’t spread the granules of DE all over your home.

That, indeed, can be an extra headache for you.

Steps of using diatomaceous earth

The following steps will help you in using diatomaceous earth to kill the fleas.

Get a food-grade diatomaceous earth

Make sure you buy food grade variety of diatomaceous hearts, not the pool-grade variety, which would not be effective in killing the fleas.

Thorough vacuuming

The second step is you do a thorough vacuuming of your carpet, because of which the fleas will start moving, and you will be ready for the powder attack

Sprinkle powder

sprinkle powder

Because of your vacuuming the carpets, fleas will start moving and, as a result, expose themselves to you.

That is when you need to take DE powder in your hand and then sprinkle it over them, sprinkle it everywhere you find them. Mostly they are found on your carpets and in the yards’ grass.

They can even be at the places where your animal sleep, sog and sprinkle a food-grade variety of DE there as well.


How long does it take to get rid of fleas using diatomaceous earth?

According to research, it takes 4 hours to kill fleas after they come into contact with diatomaceous earth, but still, it is mostly recommended to wait for 12 hours before you vacuum the powder.

How long does it take DE to kill fleas?

According to research, it takes 4 hours for DE to kill the fleas.

What is my recommendation?

My recommendation to you is to wait for 12 hours max in order to make sure all of them have died; after 12 years, you can vacuum the powder with no hesitation.


Diatomaceous earth not killing fleas. After reading this article, now your mind is very much clear that diatomaceous earth is effective in killing fleas.

You know it was actually people who confused the use of a pool-grade variety with a food-grade variety of diatomaceous earth. After reading this, you will be easily able to kill the fleas using the diatomaceous earth.

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