Daybetter led lights not working

Daybetter led lights not working. Daybetter-led strip lights are a very popular brand used for home decoration.

They have a lot of features like the capability to change colors, remote control, and generate schedules and timers.

However, like any other electrical device, led strip lights also have some issues.

One of the most common issues is daybetter led lights not switching on, or you can easily say that led strips are not working correctly.

Many causes behind daybetter led light malfunctioning to include power supply issues, improper installation, short circuits, voltage drop, connection failure, etc.

Keep reading this blog post to repair daybetter led lights. But, I suggest you only try to repair light strips when you have electrical experience; otherwise, you may bear an electrical shock.

Daybetter led lights not working

Daybetter LED Lights are famous among those willing to install led strip lights for home decoration.

These strip lights are very easy to control because you can manage them from the app control remote, and the present cutting point helps homeowners control the lights’ size.

If you talk about the daybetter lights prices, they are very costly, but the good thing about them is that you can enjoy led lights features and excellent deals.

So, if you don’t want to purchase superior brands like Philips, try Daybetter led lights, and its presentation won’t sadden you, but installing the strip lights properly is essential.

Wrong Installation problems can associate with working issues, and you will time and again listen to new purchasers moaning about daybetter strip lights not working properly.

You can follow the following troubleshooting steps to fix the led light strips.

Power supply issues

power supply issues

If you have installed color-changing led strip lights for a room party, it is very disgusting to see them not working.

First, connect led strip lights in some other wall outlet in the room to confirm whether the wall outlet is working correctly or it is faulty.

The wall outlet is used to give power to your led strip lights to switch on them, so check whether the circuit breaker is on or tripped due to overload in the circuit.

If you see smoke coming from the wall socket, then immediately turn off the circuit breaker to avoid a fire hazard due to a short circuit in wiring.

Your socket must work correctly because any destruction to it will stop the LEDs from getting the power it acquires to turn on.

You can use a voltmeter to find the voltage of your wall outlet, and if you see that there is no electricity or the voltage is faulty, plug your led strip lights into different sockets and check if it is working.

Keep watching all your sockets in the home because your socket is faulty; if you check any of these:

  • Sparking in the socket
  • Damaged socket covers
  • The wall socket is extremely hot to touch
  • You smell smoke

Voltage drop

voltage drop

Some daybetter led strips to stop working or become dull due to voltage drop in the led light strip.

The standard length of most led strips goes up to 5m, getting power from one side.

So, if you join two led strips of the same length from one end, the brightness will decrease due to the internal resistance of led strip lights.

You need to have a larger size circuit breaker, but if the breaker is still stripping, then split the electrical supplies over various breakers.

Loose connection

You always had a Bluetooth or wifi connection to manage and control the led light work.

You can easily use your phone app to control the remote to turn on and off the led light strip. You can also change the colors of the rope lights.

If you are facing trouble connecting to wifi or Bluetooth, you can not connect to daybetter led lights.

You can reconnect your strip light by following these troubleshooting tips.

  • Restart your mobile phone and internet router.
  • Do not go beyond the Bluetooth or wifi range.
  • Switch off the led light strips for two minutes and stop the interference reasons.

Improper installation

improper installation

The daybetter led strip lights can stop working correctly due to many causes. One of the leading causes is improper installation.

New users usually do mistakes because they cut the strips from the wrong place. Power supply flow is disturbed if you do not install the led strips accurately.

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However, you don’t need to change anything to fix this issue; just tightening the wires connected with ac adapter is sufficient.

Ir remote control

ir remote control

If you have ir remote control to manage your led strip lights, ensure its battery is working properly, and there is no physical damage to ir remote control.

Always change the batteries after two to three months and do not use rechargeable batteries in remote control.

Protect pins

The position of the pin connections of strip lights also depends a lot of your strip lights are giving less brightness or not working correctly.

So, check the wholeness and purity of the pins to ensure that they are not broken from any place.

There is no need for a multimeter to check pin integrity. You can easily judge and check it by the physical appearance of the pins.

Due to any cause, the pins have lost their shape, or they are bent from any part, then then you can not do anything but only to buy new daybetter led strip lights.

You can secure the pins with a soldering unit, but saving your essential time and using various parts is better.

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Replace power adapter

replace power adapter

If your rgb led strip lights are still not working after connecting them to the new wall outlet, then the next thing to inspect is ac adapter because its mean purpose is to shift power from the socket to the led light.

Most strip lights depend on the adapter that changes electricity from a 120V wall socket into 12V.

Inspect the adapter, wires, and power cord for any mark of physical detriment or burning, and also check the pin from inside to see whether ac adapter port is broken or twisted.

It is essential to purchase the correct adapter. Still, it will be challenging for you to buy quality things, so if you don’t want compatibility problems, your best bet is to ask the trader to help you to purchase a quality product.

Ensure to use the original daybetter led light when you first buy rgb lights, as not quality adapters might be the main reason for your low brightness issue and can thoroughly damage your strip lights.

Short circuits

short circuits

Sometimes it happens that if you do not cut the light strip somewhat with scissors, the cover layer fails at the cut point, making a short circuit which can lead to a fire hazard.

Therefore, I suggest you always use sharp scissors to make sure a proper cut because dulled scissors mainly distort the copper and insulation layer of led strip lights.

If you see a short circuit in the light strip section but cannot check apparent symptoms of a short circuit position, try to cut off the 3 inches of the light strip from both sides to detach the conceivably broken segment.

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Inspect cutting segments

You can not cut the led strip lights from anywhere but only from fixed segments because if you cut the led strips in any part you want, the strip lights will prevent working if any place is broken in try to create a new cut.

You can not do anything in this situation because if you cut the wire from the wrong part, they are permanently damaged, and you need to buy new rgb led strip lights to decorate the home or lighting products for a room party.

So, always take care before you cut any light strip to brighten your beautiful home.

Reset led strip lights

reset led strip lights

If your led strip lights are not switching on, giving low brightness, you might need to reset daybetter led lights.

Luckily, it is effortless to reset led lights because you can do it quickly in a few steps.

  • Switch off the strip lights

First of all, turn off the strip lights and pull out the power cord from the power supply.

  • Check the reset button

After disconnecting the power supply, now search the reset button on strip lights. Usually, it is fixed on the back side of the led strips.

  • Press the reset button

After finding the reset button, press the reset button for five seconds.

  • Restore the power supply

After five seconds, restore or reconnect the power supply to your daybetter led lights. Hopefully, if the strip lights do not have any other accessories issues, the lights will start working again properly.

Claim for Warranty

If your daybetter led strip lights are still not working after resetting and applying the above tips, you have the only option to claim a warranty.

However, you can only claim a warranty when you have purchased the led lights recently, and their warranty date is not over.

You can contact the local salesman and forward a warranty claim after describing all the circumstances.

But you can only get this favor if your warranty date is not over; then, you can get a new set of strip lights without paying extra charges.


In conclusion, I am hopeful that the troubleshooting tips described in this blog post will help you turn on the daybetter led strip lights.

But, if the LED lights still do not turn on, you can share your check strip lights with the local repair shop.

Your last option is to Contact a local salesperson to claim the warranty card to the company for the replacement. How to make led lights stick