Consumer reports best green superfood powder

Consumer reports best green superfood powder. According to the CDC, only about 12% of adults in America get the amount of fruit and vegetable they need every day. Eating both vegetables and fruits is an essential part of daily life.

The 12% who eat the vegetables still don’t eat enough amount of green vegetables. Green vegetables health benefits the body and the normal functioning of the human body.

Even though there is no supplement that can completely be replaced with pure green vegetables, we can still try to get the nutrients with alternatives.

So, if you want to get the green nutrients complete in the body, you can change to “Green powder”. The green powder is actually made of concentrated green vegetables. Even though there is no complete alternative for green vegetables.

It’s still better than having no nutrients. It’s essential to focus on green intake, as they boost our intake.

But all green powders are not beneficial. So, with research, I made a green powder list. These green powders are useful. These green powders are tested and listed with greens in them.

They are rated by green powder uses all across the US. They will complete green intakes and nutrients in your body without actual vegetables. You can add them to food and take them.

6 Consumer reports best green superfood powder

1. Amazing Grass-Greens Blend alkalizing farm fresh greens

consumer reports best green superfood powder

The Greens Blend superfood by Amazing Grass is a popular green food powder. The blend is made by combining alkalizing greens freshly from farms and also fruits and different vegetables.

It is made nutrient-rich thus it becomes a superfood and you can enjoy this superfood every day. The Amazing grass has deep roots. They have been harvesting greens that are nutrient-dense foods for over 3 generations now.

You can see this at their family farm in Kanas. They grow the greens with high quality. The farmers from around the world grow these vegetables with their like-minds.

Amazing Grass has the highest rating in green powders. Their green powder is a great way to nourish the body.

The ingredients included are wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa grass, and more organic greens. The nutrients in at are all that the body requires to feel amazing every day. See its features.


  • Flavor variation
  • Product dimension are 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches.
  • It weighs 8.5 Ounces.
  • 2 full servings
  • Powder form
  • Gluten-free
  • Vitamins & minerals


The alkalizing blend farm fresh greens and the best fruits and vegetables are combined with nutrient-rich superfoods. This makes the food delicious for everyday intake.

You dint have to worry about weakness in immunity. Amazing Grass supports overall health. In addition, there are two full servings of vegetables and foods present in the powder.

It contains the best organic greens with no addition. It’s certified by CCOF. It’s glutton and sugar-free. No extra added sugar. It’s totally planted foods-based with no GMO and is kosher.

One scoop is enough with 80z or more of water. Add with a smoothie and make it a quick breakfast. You can use them with cakes and other baked products to add alkalinity and digestive support. It also provides immune support. It’s completely body-friendly. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Various flavors
  • All organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Sugar-free
  • Plant-based


  • Maltodextrin presence
  • Citrus acid

2. Orgain Organic Green Superfoods greens powders

orgain organic green superfoods greens powders

Every scoop of Orgain Organic Green Superfoods Powder 50 organic foods. This blend provided a healthy mix of greens that are completely organic. These veggies, greens, and fruits, monk fruit extract, are easily addable to the juices.

You can add the powder to smoothies too. This will make the intake easy. The product by Orgain is completely USA standard. The probiotics have been approved by 1 billion clinics. The product greens are also farmed by the best.

The fruit and vegetable blend is created carefully by adding 50 different organic materials. These materials make the green powder compatible with all users. So allergies aren’t a problem.

The green powder is made with fresh materials. Thus it makes the powder fresh too. The blend of green powder makes a sweet aroma. This makes the power more desirable.

Orgain is a certified seller and so it produces the best green powder to not lose its reputation.


  • Prouct dimensions are 6.4 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches.
  • Product weight is 9.92 Ounces.
  • Original flavor
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • 1 billion probiotics
  • 50 superfoods/scoop


It contains all in one super green powder. One scoop holds 50 different superfoods. The superfood includes berries, veggies, fruits, and fresh greens. It’s high in antioxidants.

It contains six grams of dietary supplements fiber that is organic. All the probiotics are clinically proven and number in billions. It’s not dairy and is glutton-free. It doesn’t contain any lactose or soy.

It’s carrageenan and totally soy-free. No GMO exists in it. There isn’t extra added sugar or sweetener present in it. There aren’t any artificial ingredients for enhancing taste or harming health.

The probiotics and anti-oxidants present help in digestion and make our gut strong. Ginger and ingredients like spinach are also present in it. This product suits all genders and ages.

Even if you are busy, you can’t worry about an unhealthy diet. You can just add or mix it in vegetable juices and even simple water, and your healthy diet won’t be affected. It’s a great product for night oats. Drink it whenever and enjoy it. Check Price on eBay.


  • 2 flavors
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Kosher Certified


  • Tampered lid

3. Greens Powder Smoothie Mix | Purely Inspired

greens powder smoothie mix purely inspired

Purely inspired is a USDA-certified organic greens supplier. The formula of Purely Inspired is purely organic, and it doesn’t contain any kind of sweetness that is artificial.

There are no vegetables or fruit color dyes in the green powder. This ensures the superfood is of the highest quality. It contains multivitamins. You can see that it’s a smoothie mix, so you can add it to smoothies. You can add sauces and soups.

Even being a vegan, you can taste it all in one spoon. If you aren’t a vegan, then don’t worry. Mix it with other foods and get the vegetable and other nutrients you need. The green powder isn’t harmful at all.

You can fade its taste with other food materials. It mixes easily. Just add in food and vegetable intake 50 nutrients needed by the body at once. Stay and promote healthy energy levels with Purely Inspired.


  • Product dimensions are 3.69 x 3.69 x 4.49 inches.
  • The product weight is 9.76 Ounces.
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • 39 superfoods
  • Vegan friendly
  • Powder form
  • No flavor


It’s one of the fastest-growing supplement products in America. It gives you 39 superfoods in each scoop. 18 vitamins and minerals are also present. Active probiotics also stay in it.

It carries about 40 calories in each serving. It is also a USDA organic certified green powder. The powder is completely glutton free with no GMOs.

It’s friendly for vegans. This Green mix doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients like naturally sweetened and no sugar is included either. It just needs a liquid and then shaken. This makes it easy to take.

It provides purely organic protection. It gives you the choice to choose oat milk or any other milk of choice. Besides juices, they can also be used in sauces and soups.

You can get all your desired veggies and even fruits in a single small scoop. It’s easy to consume for both genders. It contains vitamins E and C. These vitamins help in boosting digestion.

It contains bananas, apples, cherry, and wheatgrass as basic ingredients in the green powder. Consumer reports best green superfood powder. Check Price on eBay.


  • Vitamins C & E
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial flavor
  • Non-GMO


  • Single flavor
  • Silicon dioxide

4. Country Farms-Super Green Drink Mix

country farms super green drink mix

Country Farms cares for you as a mother. It knows that you aren’t flowing advice about eating vegetables. You are not taking greens and fruits properly like most Americans.

Mother nature provides all the nutrients. It’s your job to take these nutrients and stay healthy. But you are neglecting mother nature’s help. Juicing vegetables is expensive, and it’s really bothering.

So it takes away the desire for nutrients from us. To revoke our nutritional desire, Country farm has prepared its super green mix.

The wholesome blend of greens, vegetables, and fruits has multiple nutritional benefits. The low calories help in digestion. They increase energy levels and make our bodies strong.

This is also helpful, as it can satisfy your hunger. It’s easy to use. The blend is available in both natural and berry flavors. It enhances overall health and keeps you active.


  • Product dimensions are 3.75 x 3.75 x 5.75 inches.
  • Product weight is 10.6 Ounces
  • Variety in flavor
  • 50 superfoods
  • Non-GMOs
  • Totally organic
  • 20 servings/scoop


This power contains around 50 superfood concentrates. Don’t worry about the hassle of juicing. The powder needs no other thing than water. The vegetables and other products do not need grinding and this saves time.

Plus, you cannot have so much whole food nutrition with homemade supplements. It’s loaded with ingredients like berries, greens, wheatgrass, mushrooms, and others.

It contains 4 grams of fibers taken from real fruits and vegetables. It also contains prebiotics and dairy-free probiotic cultures. Their presence makes the digestion process much faster.

It supports immune health to the fullest and boosts the energy levels to rise drastically. All organic materials are used in production. No GMO ingredients are present in it.

There ain’t any gluten in it. It’s vegetarian. The servings are all organic and with 20 delicious natural flavors. It is in a warehouse with a proper guide and safekeeping. So the product doesn’t go bad and is safe for you.

The stocks, because of their good rating are maintained at high quality. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Various flavors
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan friendly


  • Contains led
  • Artificial sugar

5. Vibrant Health, Green Vibrance, Superfood Powder

vibrant health, green vibrance, superfood powder

Vibrant Health is the manufacturer of Green vibrance. It is a really comprehensive nutrition solution. It’s convenient. It takes the best of nutrient-dense and concentrated whole food.

Then combines these materials with over 25 billion probiotics. It covers all four foundations of health. It covers circulation and digestion while completing nutrition and providing the best immunity.

It is packed with micronutrients. It contains many probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost its action.

It contains all organic juices and cereal grass powder that is completely organic. This helps feed each cell. It completes the requirements and makes the cell run and work at peak efficiency.

It’s ideal for individuals that want to achieve optimal health. Though the product isn’t to diagnose and cure diseases. You can still use the Green Vibrance powder to get your health better and stay healthy with regular intakes.


  • Product dimension are 3.88 x 3.88 x 7.73 inches
  • Product weight is 11.52 Ounces
  • 25 billion probiotics
  • 12 strains
  • Robust immune response
  • Available enzymes
  • Nutrient-dense


It provides whole-body immunity. It is supportive of a robust immune response. It helps in clearing the thoughts. It boosts endurance and energy level. The materials in it are dense with nutrients.

It contains concentrated whole foods like oat grass, Goji berries, holy basil, astragalus, and other materials. It provides better health and immunity increase as well.

From 12 strains, it provides 25 billion probiotics. Probiotics are also present with enzymes to boost immunity and increase our health levels for us.

You can add it to salads. You can put it in smoothies and even use them in soups. Sauces also taste better when the green powder is added to them. Store it in the freezer and even the fridges after use.

The ingredients are carefully sourced and supplied with the utmost responsibility. The ingredients are pure and there is no need to add artificial flavors or anything to it. They do not need proprietary blends and this increase their quality and potential.


  • Nutrient-dense
  • Enzymes
  • Fast digestion
  • Increases energy
  • Endurance strength


  • Milk and soy

6. Garden of Life Raw Organic amazing grass green superfood

consumer reports best green superfood powder

Garden of Life is fanatical about food. This makes the Garden of life different from other products. They start with authentic food even when they are taking vitamins and probiotics.

They also use proper food to make protein powder. They do not use synthetically created flavors or food materials in the manufacturing of any product.

They keep every kind of synthetic chemical away from food. They dislike the synthetic material other firms use in manufacturing green powder too.

Garden of Life doesn’t care about efficiency rather, it focuses on health. They don’t compromise health. They produce their organic materials in non-GMO soil.

They provide enough sunlight and other factors to let it grow. They harvest the best and then convert them into green supplement powder. They make sure the super greens powder is safe and with the best ingredients for our health.


  • Product dimension are 3.66 x 3.66 x 6.62 inches.
  • The product weight is 8.5 Ounces.
  • 3 flavor variations
  • Powder from
  • Raw organic greens
  • Certified organic
  • Enzymes and probiotics


This best greens powder contains all raw greens, organic fruits, and organic vegetables. The sprouts are also raw organic and this helps them provide raw energy.

The ingredients providing raw energy are completely natural. All the ingredients contain naturally occurring quality and thus provide all-natural amino acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

The anti-oxidants are also naturally occurring. And all essential fatty acids are present in it. They give immune system support.

Superfoods provide healthy digestion. It is also effective in detoxification. This makes the immune system strong. It keeps the blood sugar level healthy and helps in the betterment of our metabolism.

The bursting of enzymes and active probiotics boosts the healthy immune system and increases the digestion rate. This product is vegan and certified organic. It’s dairy-free. It doesn’t contain any grass fillers.

There are no preservatives present in it. These products are also stored with proper guidance that keeps them healthy for our use. They can be preserved in a fridge or freezer after they are opened.


  • Provides oxidants
  • Provides enzymes
  • Live prebiotics
  • Certified safe
  • Dairy-free


  • Dissatisfied quantity


Buying Guide (Consumer reports best green superfood powder)

The ingredients the green powder should have and shouldn’t have are important. This makes us know if the green powder is safe. We should also look for the green superfood powder quantity and match it with the price.

The flavors allow us to enjoy the many greens powders such as vanilla bean powder, leafy greens, spinach leaf powder, and wheatgrass juice powder.

These things help in choosing the suitable green superfood powder for us. Let’s explore more.

Nutrition quality

Nutrition quality matters a lot. The ingredients being used make the quality. Some ingredients are harmful to our stomachs and so we should be safe from them.

If ingredients have sugar, then the person with high blood pressure won’t be able to hold it. Read the ingredients before ordering the best greens powders.


We don’t just mean the flavors that are digestible. Yes, the flavor is important. Some people can’t swallow all flavors. This makes them vomit.

Not just that, some green superfood powders have an awful taste that makes them a bad product. Check flavors that suit your taste and order them. Do not order flavor blindly.


Price matters a lot. Some companies offer a good quantity of green superfood powder and at a suitable price. While some companies offer it at too much price. Look for products with both quantity and price.

Final thoughts

Consumer reports best green superfood powder. Amazing Grass-Greens Blend Superfood is the best green superfood powder. The nutritious greens powder is top because of its high ratings.

My choice is not written but the buying guide will help you know if you are buying the right green superfood powder for yourself. Ask a doctor to check it.

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