Catalytic converter hollow out

Catalytic converter hollow out. The catalytic converter is fixed in the smoking vehicles like cars, wagons, and heavy traffic to minimize the smoke, smog, and acid rain, which is very dangerous for living things and the environment.

The primary purpose of installing the catalytic converter is to detain the heat and poisonous compounds and change them into non-dangerous compounds that are good for the conditions. Still, the question is how cutting out a catalytic converter will give an advantage to your car engine.

In this article, you will learn how to hollow out the catalytic converter through various methods because, in some methods, you need to pull out the exhaust first, which is a challenging and time taking task, but in some methods, you can use to cut out your catalytic converter without removing them.

If you don’t know how to hollow out the car’s catalytic converter, then keep reading this article and follow a full guide for this.

Catalytic converter hollow outcatalytic converter hollow

Due to its toxic effects, hollowing out the catalytic converter is not allowed in many places. It’s also very difficult to process, and it can lead the illegal issues because doing so is a crime in some states.

If you are having issues, the best thing is to hold on to the catalytic converter in its present condition and find another way to troubleshoot your issue.

However, You need special tools like a hammer, wrench, and car jack to get access and shatter the catalytic converter core because if you are willing to do this, you will have to do it yourself. After all, no professional will help you in this illegal work. Keep reading.

There are many pros and cons of catalytic hollow out, so let’s discuss them first because it makes clear to you wheater it is best to cut out the cats or it is not a suitable thing to do.


The catalytic converter’s first advantage is controlling the extra sound generated from the car. When you separate the catalytic converter increases the sound and disturbs the other people. Now, it depends on your point of view that more sound is good or less sound.

If you cut out the catalytic converter from the car, it’s another advantage if you can access more fuel choices. When you cut out this device, you can use different high-quality fuels in your engine.

Another big advantage is you can hollow out the catalytic converter yourself because it is not allowed illegally in the united states.

When you remove the catalytic converter from the car, then you can produce more horsepower in your vehicle. It varies in various models and cars, and when you remove it from them, their horsepower increases because of the gas emitting from the exhaust without a catalytic converter.


Besides advantages, catalytic converter hollow out also has some cons.

The biggest con of the catalytic converter is hollowing out the many united states because when you cut out the catalytic converter from the car, different poisonous gases are emitted into the air to cause many diseases.

If you do this act in that status without any legal permission, you will be fined by the legal authorities. So, if you have no choice but to remove this device, then always get permission from the legal authorities.

When you remove the catalytic converter, you may face an error code in your car.

There are many ways to cut out the catalytic converter from the vehicle, so follow these methods if you have planned to do this task.

Cut out the catalytic converter without removalcut out the catalytic converter without removal

You need flowing tools to complete your task if you want to cut out the catalytic converter without removal.

Tool required

  • Hammer
  • Knife Putty
  • Air compressor
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Plier
  • Chisel
  • Crowbar
  • Torch
  • Car jacks

Uplift the car

Dont start your work if your car is heated up after a long drive so wait for half an hour so that it cools down and the heat does not burn you.

After the car completely gets cool down, then use the car jacks to uplift the car so that you can easily go below the car to complete your work.

Spot the converter

First, find the catalytic converter below the car. Mostly it is connected to the car exhaust. Lean forward the cut flap with a crowbar, and be careful not to cut down the cut flap fully. Now make a genuine flap at the converter base with a welding torch.

Connect the flap and seal kit

Melt the steel wire with an arc welder and reshape the melted wire with a putty steel knife. You must reshape the wire after melting because if it cools down, you can not give it a new shape.

Break the filter with a hammer and hit the hammer gently to damage it. If you don’t have a hammer, then you can break the cylindrical structure with a chisel.

Weld the flap

Curve the flap to protect the opening when you detach the catalytic converter from the car. It would be best if you put in extra effort and force while putting back the flap on the opening.

Weld the flap to lock and secure the opening from any leakage.

Cut out the catalytic converter with the removalcut out the catalytic converter with the removal

If you want to hollow out the catalytic converter with the removal, then you need to collect the following tools.

Tools required

  • Two-floor jacks
  • Crowbar
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • A vice
  • Face mask

Separate the Catalytic Converter

First of all, find the catalytic converter, which is usually installed at the back side of the car because it is fixed to the exhaust. You can not remove it without lifting the vehicle, so use the carjacks to uplift the car to easily remove the device.

Now, wear a face mask and place the mat under the car to save your clothes from dust. You can open the nuts with a screwdriver and wrench.

After removing all the nuts, separate the catalytic converter from the vehicle exhaust.

Gut It Out

When you cut out the converter device from the vehicle, then you need to grip the vice when you gut out the device with a hammer and crowbar.

You must accurately point out the device position in an upward direction, spot the crowbar on the filter core, and gently strike with a hammer.

Refix the device

When you successfully detach the core, you can refix the device into the exhaust and tighten all the screws. Make sure you tighten all the screws tightly because if the screws remain loose, the converter may fall anywhere during driving. Separate the carjacks under the car and start the car to test your work.

The final thoughts

The final words in this article are hollowing out the catalytic converter from your vehicle is illegal to process because it is very dangerous for the environment due to the emission of toxic gases from the cars and vehicles.

However, if you still want to improve the engine performance and efficiency, then get legal permission from the respective authorities to save yourself from heavy fines.

Anyway, I tried my best to explain all the pros and cons of the hollow out your catalytic converter and how you can remove it through different methods.

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