Bissell proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floor

Bissell proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floor. When you started cleaning for the meeting tonight, you grabbed the Bissell proheat 2x revolution, for which you’ve paid a lot. Now all you got to know is that it is not spraying water.

Isn’t it enough to make you angry as you’ve wasted too much money? The immediate thought you’ll get would be that the device is worn out. Right?

If analyzing the damage you’ve decided to discard, stop right there. There is always a way out; some more straightforward fixes can solve the issue quickly. 

The name mentioned above is considered one of the leading names and reliable companies in manufacturing tools for cleaning. The high-end quality doesn’t mean they are prone to problems, but simple troubleshoot at your home can erase the issue for sure. First things first, all you need to analyze is to detect the culprit behind the matter.

Today, we’ll focus on the reasons behind and troubleshooting Bissell proheat 2x revolution, not spraying water on the floor. 

Bissell proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floorbissell proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on floor 2022

If your machine is not spraying, check to make sure the clean tank has water and/or that the water and formula mixture is in the tank. Check to ensure the clean tanks is on securely (and not just sitting loosely)

Before moving ahead to analyze the troubleshoot of the problem, you must first detect who is the culprit behind the issue.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons why isn’t my Bissell proheat 2x spraying water. 

The filter might be clogged

The flow indicator filter keeps solid particles out of the spray pipes and nozzles. Small particles can clog this filter to the point where no water can pass through.

After each use, you should ideally clean the filter. Lift out the red rotor and the white filter by removing the cover. Return all parts to their original locations after rinsing them with tap water.

The cleaning bottle is empty

One of the most telling symptoms that your cleaning solution bottle is empty is reducing the fresh smell while cleaning. The cleaning recipe can clean a single room or numerous rooms depending on how much liquid you spray and how often you spray it.

Check the liquid level on the outside of the bottle before removing it, as removing a bottle with liquid in it can cause a cleaning solution to spill on the machine and your carpet.

Destroyed pump beltdestroyed pump belt

When you turn on the machine, the belt that drives the pump is activated. Water will not flow from the bladder to the nozzles if the pump belt is cracked or broken.

To see if the pump belt is broken, open the belt access door and remove the click using a flat-bladed screwdriver inserted into the upper groove on the door.

You can see the belt that needs to be pulled around the motor shaft if you look inside. If this is the case, you should replace the belt.

Poor priming

The Bissell 2X ProHeat pump, like other pumps, has to be replenished. Turn off the vacuum and wait a minute if there is air in the pump where the water should be when you initially began the machine. Then restart the machine and push the spray button one more.


We hope we’ve successfully added enough information regarding Bissell proheat 2x revolution not spraying water on the floor. Now you can easily detect the actual cause behind the problem so that you don’t need to replace your device.

If the problem isn’t eliminated after applying all the methods, you must contact a service centre or brand’s helpline for the most accurate advice.

Moreover, we would suggest you make sure you are maintaining the cleanliness of your power-operated devices as they are prone to problems and interruptions.

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