Best toilet paper for septic tanks

Best toilet paper for septic tanks. A septic system uses bacteria in a septic tank to organically break down waste from your home.

Choosing septic safe toilet paper is important as it improves the functionality of your septic tank in a number of ways.

First of all, using septic safe toilet paper means that your plumbing system will be flushed more thoroughly which in turn helps to ensure that blockages do not take place and gives way for smoother running of water.

Septic systems work on a series of pipes and pumps to remove waste from homes and return it to the ground safely.

Without treatment, raw sewage can cause soil pollution, groundwater contamination, disease outbreak, and public health problems. Here we list down some of the best toilet paper for septic tanks 2022.

6 Best Toilet Paper For Septic Tanks

1. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Toilet Paper

This premium toilet paper is made with a higher proportion of viscose and is composed of up to three times more fibres per sheet than other leading toilet papers, making it two-ply for exceptional comfort and toilet paper for septic tanks

Plant-based rather than wood-pulp materials are used to manufacture our eco friendly toilet paper, helping to reduce dependency on tree cutting and promoted as a sustainable product by us.

The 2 ply strong toilet roll can be put through any standard septic tank without concern.

This biodegradable toilet paper would appeal to a certain type of environmentally-friendly consumer, who will enjoy knowing that their choice in toilet paper is kinder to the environment than other brands.

To feel fresh after showering, use Cottonelle Flushable Wipes.

They have designed this toilet paper with a cushiony texture that provides a safer and cleaner experience, which means the cleaning ripples from one sheet of silky-smooth toilet paper will refract onward through all your days ahead! Check Price on Walmart.

2. Presto 308-Sheet Best toilet paper for septic tanks

Amazon’s paper towels in the Presto brand are responsibly sourced, so there is no adverse impact on the dissolving toilet paper

The larger-sized rolls put a long-lasting dent in bathroom cleanup; 24 rolls are equal to 96 standard sheets.

If you don’t have enough storage space for a tall tub, consider buying them in smaller rolls as well as two-ply for added durability and comfort.

They have been laboratory tested to leave less evidence behind after wiping that would otherwise be embarrassing.

This is guaranteed septic-safe toilet paper, which means it will not clog your home’s tank or alter the septic environment’s equilibrium.

The ability to save money is another advantage of purchasing these toilet paper rolls. They are far less expensive than the competition.

Presto! Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper offers great softness with the strength you need. This ultra soft tissue paper leaves less lint behind versus the leading ultra-premium soft brand, based on laboratory testing.

Mega Roll toilet paper lasts 4.5X longer than regular roll toilet paper. Best of all, to obtain this greater softness and strength, we use fewer trees!

The Mega Rolls ensure that you are never constrained by the end of a single large roll ever again. Check Price of eBay.

3. Scott Rapid Best dissolving toilet paper

Scott tissue is the best product if you’re looking for a toilet paper that dissolves much more quickly than others on the market.consumer report best toilet paper for septic system

This one-ply version will dissolve four times faster than regular toilet tissue, which means it’s perfect for people who use RV’s and boats because it won’t clog drains or septic tanks.

It’s also wonderful news for the environment because Scott tissues are made from 100% recycled paper which means they come from sustainably managed forests – meaning less impact on Mother Nature in general.

It is single ply toilet paper comes with 32 rolls, which equals 3,200 sheets – so you’re getting a lot more than you need to last you for at least the next few weeks.

As a busy entrepreneur in the world of business, you don’t always have time to sit around reading through product ads like this one. This scott rapid dissolving toilet paper is Best for low flow toilets.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you and we’ve condensed it down into a concise blurb that explains exactly what you need to know about toilet paper in as few words as possible.

So take a quick look at Scott Masking Tape 1000 Rolls today and enjoy the value without any unnecessary holdups. Check Price on Walmart.

4. Angel Soft Angel Soft Toilet Paper (Best toilet paper Consumer Reports)

Angel Soft toilet paper comes in a double roll just like regular rolls, but it’s wrapped up in a decorative cardboard tube that’s scented with refreshing biodegradable toilet paper for septic tanks

So when you pull out your favorite Angel Soft bathroom tissue, it releases a delicate floral scent that fills the air around you, offering a clean and invigorating right when you need it most.

The two times two hundred sheets are certainly enough to match your fluffy expectations of Angel Soft each time it’s used.

The scented toilet paper double size ensures that you won’t have to change out your roll as often so you can spend more time on more pleasurable things!

Angel tissue is the best product if you’re looking to use a toilet paper that dissolves much more quickly than others as compared to on the market.

With Scott’s one-ply version, it’ll dissolve four times faster than regular toilet tissue.

This toilet paper for septic systems is ideal for RV enthusiasts, boaters and anyone else whose drainage system or septic tank experience clogs when using toilet papers regularly.

It’s also terrific news for nature in general because Scott’s products are produced from 100% recycled paper. This dissolve quickly compared to any other standard toilet paper.

There will be less impact on Mother Nature overall seeing as paper comes from sustainably managed forests – meaning less trees are typically cut down for us. Check Price on eBay.

5. Firebelly Outfitters Best biodegradable toilet paper for septic tanks

The special non-linting texture and patented texture of our rv toilet tissue is imitated on all other cleaner wipe brands, but there is no substitute for the ultimate non-linting rv toilet paper that we are known brand of toilet paper for septic tanks

We ensure that no matter how you use it, either in your camper or porta potty, your solids will flow through easily without clogging up in any way. This toilet paper Dissolves quickly compare to other normal toilet paper brands.

This means you can eliminate more waste – particularly if your tank was designed to only capture 40%. It is also a trusted toilet paper brand.

This biodegradable toilet paper is perfectly safe for all camping toilets, septic systems, portables pottys, camp toilets and sewer safe.

This is an excellent option for traditional toilet paper. This premium toilet paper is proudly made in the USA and safe toilet paper for septic systems.

6. Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

This Seventh Generation toilet paper is a great eco-friendly product because it’s not only 100% recycled, but 50% post-consumer recycled even, so your conscience and green initiatives can both be felt as you meet your morning business needs at the toilet paper consumer reports

This toilet paper also happens to be strong and soft – so it acts as any other toilet paper would while meeting your personal hygiene requirements.

This septic safe toilet paper breaks down easily and fast. Best choice for sensitive septic systems and avoid drain clogs.

And while it may seem like an inconvenience to line up three pieces of toilet paper on your way in to use the bathroom, take some time to consider that by using less materials you’re helping the planet in more than just one way.

This Seventh Generation 2 ply soft and extra strong celled toilet paper contains no chlorine bleach and won’t fall apart in septic systems while also not harming RVs when you’re on the road.


What is recycled toilet paper recycled from?

Finally, toilet paper made from recycled materials is not recyclable. The fibers from recycled septic safe toilet paper have been glued or pressed together to form a solid-pliable roll and cannot be divided back into their original components for “recycling.”

Although the term “recycled” has come to refer to anything that is reused or remanufactured, it is important to understand that “recycled” products are treated for reuse but are not always recycled.

What is septic safe toilet paper?

One-ply and two-ply toilet paper are the most popular choices for septic system use, but both are OK. Two-ply is not preferable, as a thicker tissue does little to actually help protect the environment or your septic tank. However, it is more comfortable for individuals who happen to prefer the feel of a stronger product.

What is the worst toilet paper for septic tanks?

Toilet paper that doesn’t break down easily is the worst for septic tanks. This will contribute to the scum at the bottom of the tank, requiring it to be pumped or cleaned more often or risk blockages in pipes.

What Makes a Toilet Paper Septic-Safe?

What’s so special about Toilet Paper that makes it ‘Septic-Safe’. Unlike conventional toilet paper, biodegradable toilet paper dissolves more quickly. It contains no non-dissolvable fibers.

How long does biodegradable toilet papers take to decompose?

It turns out, toilet paper that’s considered “biodegradable” actually only takes around 2 months to fully decompose – and this includes any liquid or solid materials used during the process of flushing.


Buying a new toilet paper is now easy after our reading our review. This blog has been designed to give you a solid understanding of how to choose the right septic safe toilet paper.

Although you may have never given it much thought, choosing the right septic safe toilet paper can have a significant impact on your plumbing as well as your septic tank.

For example, septic safe toilet paper that is made of recycled materials will not damage your septic tank as much as toilet paper that is made of virgin paper. We list down some of the best Septic Safe Toilet Papers in the market.

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