Best paper shredder consumer reports

Best paper shredder consumer reports. A paper shredder shreds paper and transforms it into confetti. It is used to exterminate very important documents that no one else should see.

Even if you tear a paper, it can still be restored and the information can be copied. If you have seen “Argo”, it’s a movie about a failed government shredder that almost brings the government to its knees.

You are thinking that you aren’t Tom cruise working in Misson Impossible or you are not James bond to have important documents. But normal personal documents are important too.

If you throw your identity card photocopy or old documents in the trash. The thieves will hit the jackpot and identity can be stolen. Stolen identity isn’t a trivial thing. You can lose yourself.

But you will be safe from information thieves. You just need a paper shredder. Unlike you tearing the paper, the shredder shreds it into confetti. The confetti isn’t restorable and no one can steal your information.

A paper shredder is a must in offices and industries. You should keep a shredder at home. Shred your bills and photocopies before throwing them.

To know about which shredder to buy, read the guide at the end and get hints from the top shredder picks by rating.

6 Best paper shredder consumer reports

1. Amazon Basics-12-Sheet CrossCut Paper shredder

best paper shredder consumer reports

Amazon paper shredder takes the top. The shredder created by Amazon basics is an excellent quality shredder. It is a 12-Sheet CrossCut Paper Home Office Shredder. It comes in different sheet variations.

This paper shredder has been rated by 173k+ people. The small shredder is strong and can even shred CDs and DVDs. The speed of the shredder’s ability is really fast and can shred multiple sheets.

It works simply by just putting the paper on top. You can shred hard material as well. You can see its power with the light it has. It shuts off and stops shredding when unused for 30 min.

The dedicated slot help prevention of machine faults and problems. It has a lift handle for easy use. Its features and specifications are below.


This cross-cut shredder converts paper into confetti-like small bits which are better than strip-cut shredders. The pieces are of 5/40mm size. The security level of this Amazon product is P3.

It can shred 12 sheets per turn. The weight is 20-pound bond paper. No need to fear blade damage by small paper clips and staple pins. You can even shred credit cards by using the respective slot. Remember 1 per go.

The heavy-duty shredder auto turns off after 30 minutes. This cools the motor down. 7min on/3omin off is standard time. It prevents overheating. There are 4 modes. Item dimensions are 13.27 x 9.29 x 14.57 inches.

Available in black. Item weights 12.81 pounds. Bin capacity is 4.8 Gallons. 12 sheets per round. P3 security. Power/working LED.

You can use auto, reverse and forward to control. While off mode to shut down. The reverse and forward controls prevent jamming. Auto function aids them.

LED lights show if there is overload. The overheating and alignment etc are shown by lights too. There is a lift handle that makes it easy to empty the bin. They are tested before sending so you won’t need to complain. The product is trustworthy.


  • P3 security level
  • User safe
  • 12 sheets capacity
  • LED Indicators
  • Anti-jam


  • Irreplaceable bins
  • Less sheet capacity

2. Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Crosscut Paper clips

aurora as890c 8 sheet crosscut paper clips

This shredder isn’t weaker than the above. It does a fine shredding job. Aurora is a top paper shredder continuously seller and is second only to Amazon. Its quality shredding makes it a good choice.

The crosscut shredding by it provides a better shredding experience. You don’t need to worry about overheating the shredder.

It’s small and better at home. It is great for shredding paper t offices. You can shred old and useless credit cards as well. No need to remove the staples and paper clips because they are easily shredded by the Aurora paper shredder. It has different shredding abilities. You can set it to your shredding capability.

It auto starts when you put paper in it and so, you can shred with laziness. It provides eight paper shredding in a single minute. Let’s check features.


The blades are forged of stainless steel. That means they can shred credit cards and they can cut through CDs, staples, and even paper clips. The protection technology is crosscut.

That means the shredding will convert the paper into confetti. It shreds 8 pieces per minute. This is a good shred time. Pull out wastebasket and waste bin that can store about 125 sheets.

So you do not need to remove shedding from the bin again and again.

It provides top security and safety. The crosscut technology makes the shredding at an even higher level. The micro-cut shred size is moderate, and that makes it fit well and the black color of the compact shredder and other shredders makes it stand out.

The folded shredding documents are shredded like the single ones. Item dimensions are 12.6 x 7.48 x 14.78 inches. Color Black. Item weights 7 Pounds.

125 sheets bin capacity. 8 sheets per round. 8.7inch entry slot. Manual reverse modes reduce. The paper clip means no deal to the micro-cut shredder. The sensor auto activates the blade.

This happens when the paper is inserted from above. The sensor protects us from getting harmed by powering off when it senses a human hand.

The auto-start mode makes it unique and makes shredding look cool in front of others. You may even get James bond to feel while shredding. Check Price on Walmart.


  • User safe
  • Eight sheets capacity
  • Jams clearing
  • Good bin storage
  • Easy use


  • Bad blades
  • Inappropriate delivery

3. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 18-Sheet Capacity

fellowes powershred 99ci 18 sheet capacity

Fellowes’s Power shred 99Ci 18-Sheet Capacity is a strong power shredder. It’s a jam-proof shredder and is compatible even with tough shredding jobs.

It doesn’t make noise while working and that makes it neighborhood-friendly like spiderman. The technology is safe, and its sensor stops shredding unit as soon as it senses a user’s hand.

The blades have a long warranty, so it means they will live longer. The number of sheets that are shredded is really great. You can shred about 17 sheets in a single go.

It is not small, that’s why it isn’t on top. It’s larger. Its high-security micro level is 3. It’s big, so its bin is also big. That means you can shred stacks in more quantity and can throw it out later.

Fellowes has an excellent review, you can see Fellowes’s review on google. Its cost is reasonable. Fast shredding is also in this.


This shredder has the highest shredding capacity. Shred 18 pieces of clear paper jams in one turn. It converts paper into 397 pieces and provides P-4 level security, which is the highest security on the list.

The particles are crosscut like other sheet micro-cut shredders. Don’t need to fear the blades getting ruined from staple pins and paper clips.

The CDs and DVDs are also shredded in the extra port. You can shred the credit card that is useless. This makes getting rid of junk mail easier.

It runs 30 minutes, that is more time than other machines. You can do it in one turn. Then let it cool down and start again. It gives no jamming and prevents jamming even with hard material.

Product dimension are 19.69 x 14.56 x 27.56 inches. The product weighs 36.4 pounds. 34liters bin capacity. Black color. P4 security level. LED indicator. 9inch paper entry. Tough shredding jobs are simple if you have Fellowes power shredder.

The sensor saves us from getting harmed. The machine doesn’t work while it is sensing human hands. The paper entry is 9-inch wide so you have no problem with big papers.

It stores 9 gallons in its bin and is easy to pull out. There is an LED with the bin and you can see through its packaging and know what’s inside. Check Price on eBay.


  • User safe
  • Jam proof
  • Safety sensor
  • Fill indication
  • Garbage capacity


  • Poor sockets
  • Bad bin

4. Olympia PS 53 CC Shredder

olympia ps 53 cc shredder

Olympia PS 53 CC Shredder is a top-speed paper shredder. Olympia is a trusted brand for many users and they produce quality shredders and other products to keep customer trust.

There are many best paper shredders that could come here, but Olympia took this place because of its superior quality. The paper shredder by Olympia is not only fast, but it shreds in quality.

Olympia PS 53 CC Shredder doesn’t weigh much, so it is also small. You can carry it to our small office in desperate situations. It’s remarkable. Its shape makes it a stylish shredder and makes you look updated.

The shredder comes in a good packing box. You can put the shredder back in the box and it will remain safer.

The paper shredder attracts customers like bees, especially when they look at the Olympia logo. They know it’s a great shredder if it is by Olympia.


It is a mini paper shredder. It works fast and smoothly. Just inserting the paper makes it start. Confetti and nothing else are left after the paper has been shredded in Olympia PS 53 CC Shredder.

The speed is impressive and it can even do 6 papers at a single time. Its small size and durability make this shredder unique. It doesn’t weight a lot so you can move it here and there whenever you want.

It stores 13 liters of paper shreds in its bin. You can take the shreds out timely and easily. The shred takes no time to clean. You can take the cleaning outside without worrying about the mess.

Product dimensions are 17 x 42.8 x 30.3 cm. Product weights 3.8 Kg. 6 sheets per round. 13 liters bin capacity. Black color.

Though the shredder is well built and you won’t see any mess. The packing it comes with is safe for restoring the device after use. Be careful with the paper dust. Check Price on eBay.


  • User friendly
  • Easy use
  • Low weight


  • Poor blades
  • No warranty

5. GBC Paper Shredder-EX12-05 (1757390)

gbc paper shredder ex12 05 (1757390)

GBC paper shredder is innovative. They are of high quality. GBC provides reliability. The features of GBC Swingline are user-friendly. With Swingline, you don’t need to worry about personal information getting out.

It provides level 3 security and it can turn a single sheet into 300 hundred tiny pieces. The CDs and shreds credit cards are also shredded in it. There is a secondary shredding slot for this.

You can eliminate all the mess at the large office. The more paper clutter is good as gone. The bin gets full and we know it instantly by the indicator light present on the shredder.

You can shred 20 minutes in a row. It will turn off to cool down and have safety features. The extra data discs in the shredder don’t allow the wearing and tearing of the micro-cut paper blade.

Still keep the shredder safe by not putting more than its capacity. You can see GBC paper shredder features below.


The GBC paper shredder also offers P4 security. Its crosscut is super effective and shredding is efficient. It even has special security for sensitive documents or secret documents.

The bin holds 5 gallons of shreds. The indicator on bins tells you if the bin is full. You can empty the bin and the light goes off. 12 sheets can be shredded at one turn.

It gives you 20 minutes of constant work and only needs 15 minutes to cool down.

It is a paper shredder, it also shreds things like CDs and credit cards. The staples are good to be shredded too. The shredder by GBC is warranted to work for 2 years while the blades in it have a 7-year warranty.

Product dimensions are 9 x 9 x 16 inches. Available in black/silver. Item weights 16.96 Pounds. Bin capacity is 5 Gallons. 12sheets per turn. Security level P4. Cooldown indicator.

This makes the life of the best shredder long and makes you worry less about investing cash in the shredder. The complaints are responded to by GBC immediately. The maximum limit of GBC’s replies is 24 hours. Best paper shredder consumer reports. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Fast cooldown
  • P4 security safe
  • 2 years warranty
  • 7 years blade warranty
  • Separate cutters


  • High shred time
  • Bad runtime

6. Royal 29186X CX112X 12-Sheet paper Shredders

best paper shredder consumer reports

Royal has 100 years in the paper works business. So, the paper shredders by Royal are indeed evolutionary. It provides a safe method for not getting the problem of data leaking.

With this paper shredder, you won’t have to worry about becoming a victim of identity and more paper documents thieves. Separate slots provide a guarantee of long working.

The glass or transparent screen allows you to see the trash and know if it needs to be emptied.

This home shredder fits perfectly in home offices and works smoothly at home too. It doesn’t make a mess, and the paper goes into the trash.

The details make this home shredder more special. The quantity of shredding it does in one go is excellent.

The shape is the dominant theme, and it fits in any office environment and coups well. Many shredders work smoothly and with style. So your office looks exceptional.


The CDs with consoles can be shredded in the Royal 29186X CX112X 12-Sheet Cross-cut Shredders. It contains a capacity of 12 sheets on each turn. It has an auto-start and stops shredding option.

Disks and paper clips are shreddable. The entry slot for paper is 9 inches. This makes shredding large paper easy. The papers are shredded in small units. This saves you from information thieves.

The viewing window is made of transparent material and this allows you to know when to empty the bin and how much time will the bin fill in.

The bin can hold about 220 shredded sheets. Product dimensions are 15 x 12.25 x 16.5 inches. Product weights 16.95 Pounds. 9inch entry slot.

Auto start/stop. 3.25 Gallons bin capacity. Color black. The look, meaning the shape, color, and size, makes it look smart and makes it a match in every office.

The biggest facility it provides is the tested shredder. Most shredders are tested and checked before you receive them. The security level it provides is P3. This makes it safe.


  • Good security
  • User friendly
  • Auto working
  • 1-year warranty
  • Built-in cord


  • Shut-off error
  • Difficult basket replacement


Buying Guide (Best paper shredder consumer reports)

Let’s see the good paper shredder requirements and features it should have. Keep reading!.

Shredding capacity/speed

Starting with capacity, a good shredder has good storage and it can shred multiple few pages in one go. The paper shredder should work fast and smoothly.


A good shredder stores more, but if you are looking for a portable one, then that shredder is an exception because it won’t store much.


It should shred well because that is its primary purpose. P3 should be minimum security for office best shredders.

Work time/cool down

The work time of a shredder should be good. The lesser the time, the longer it will take you to shred. You can change shred faster in a long run time.

The cool time should also be noted and it should be less than work time.


Best paper shredder consumer reports. Our top pick is the Amazon Basics-12-Sheet CrossCut Paper shredder. The shredder should have fast working.

It should be able to store a good amount of shredded paper. It should shred well. The more shredding, the better security. The paper insertion slot should be long for longer papers.

It should have a sign for filling the bin. It should be easy working and the shredder price should be good. Other qualities are in the guide.

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