Best front load washer consumer reports

Best front load washer consumer reports. Having a new washer at home is really handy when it comes to washing clothes. In old times stones and hands were used to clean clothes.

Using hands and stones to clean clothes wasn’t very efficient. The tough stones even damaged the fabrics.

With time people stopped using stones to clean clothes and found chemicals to rub with their hands, but that was still inefficient.

Humans, while evolving, created a machine that could clean clothes. The best washing machines at starting weren’t the best example, but they did clean better than hands. Those washing machines led to the washing machine of today.

Today there are two main categories of best washing machines. The top load is the classic design, but the front load is the evolved design.

These upgraded washers can clean clothes and even dry within. My personal opinion is the same as scientific reasons. Front-load washers as developed designs are better than that of top load washers.

Front load washers are considered to be more energy efficient than top load, and even the amount of water used by front load washers is less than that of top load washers, which means they save both power and water.

Front load washers are considered to be more gentle on the fabric, and their advanced technology doesn’t damage the fibers at all.

So choosing front load washing machines rather than top load washers is a rational choice. But all the front load washers in the market aren’t that efficient and water-saving.

Most are just fakes. I have picked the 6 best front load washers by ratings to help you choose for purchasing. The buying guide for front load washers will help you choose as well. Read to learn!

6 Best front load washer consumer reports

1. Equator Version 2 Pro 24″ Combo Washer Dryer

best front load washer consumer reports

The first product on our list by ratings is Equator Version 2 Pro 24. The Equator, the large-scale manufacturer of these appliances, takes the lead by ratings because of the washer’s quality.

Having such a quality product at home is very calming. This is a pro version, and that also includes its combo quality. It’s not just a great washer but also a great dryer.

If you are looking for a great washer and a dryer simultaneously, you don’t need to waste money on buying 2 appliances simultaneously.

Having an Equator pro version 2 washer has its perks when it comes to cleaning performance.

If you want to brag about having it in front of your friends, then you can choose the Equator. You can tell your friends that you have it and a dryer in the same appliance.

Your friends will be in awe of it. Thinking about the size, don’t worry, this new washer is not that big and its size is compact, so you can set it anywhere you want.

Having a compact size and getting both washer and dryer in the same appliance is your good luck. Enjoy the perks. Read the features.


It’s an all-in-one unit. It combines the washer with the dryer and gives a compact design so you can carry it and place it anywhere you want.

It takes minimum space on the floor because of the compatible design. You can convert to evening and condensing whenever you want to. And the conversion is available with a single touch of the physical buttons.

Color LEDs are the best thing you can have to diagnose a problem. You don’t need to diagnose the problems manually, but the color codes have specific means, so you will know how meaning inevitably.

So you don’t need to open the dryer up and diagnose at all. The control panel is redesigned and has a convertible venting.

You can customize the wash cycle and set it accordingly. It cleans a week’s worth dirty king size comforter easily.


  • 1500 watts
  • RV use
  • Extra rinse
  • Color-coded LED display
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal floor space


  • Slow
  • Wrinkles
  • Without internal heater

2. LG WM3998HBA 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer

lg wm3998hba 4.5 cu.ft. front load washer

The 2nd product on the list by ratings is LG WM3998HBA 4.5 CU.ft. Front Load Washer. LG is a brand of all appliances that don’t disappoint you with its quality.

The LG washer technology is kept advanced by the company and even has functions that other washers don’t have.

If LG wasn’t to compete with another oner, then it’s bound to win.

This isn’t just a great front load washer but also includes the function of a dryer, which means you have a dryer you didn’t pay for. It’s a free dryer.

It will give your clothes quality clean, and your clothing will also dry in it, so you don’t have to wait for sunny Sundays to clean clothes.

Its spinning speed is really smooth, and the 6 motion functions it gives are safe for your fabric. If you want to keep your fabric safe while washing and drying, LG is definitely a good choice.

LG is my personal favorite appliance brand because I like the quality and features given by LG. You’ll love this product too. Read the features.


It’s a 4.5 Cu.ft, so the technology is really great to have. The capacity of this is great as it’s a large washer, and you can clean a lot of clothes at the same time.

It has a turbo wash function that allows the clothes to be washed rapidly and saves you half an hour for washing more. And also use good detergent for cleaning clothes.

There are also six motion functions set in It; with these 6 motions, you can control the flow of motion and clothes in it to clean them better.

It’s a dryer as well, so having motions in the dryer makes it dry the clothes easily.

The washing is done quietly, and so is the drying because of the low decibel function that doesn’t make any noise. The 130 RMP speed is great as well.

If you are could not be satisfied by your old washer than it is best choice for you. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Ultra Large Capacity
  • 1300 RPM
  •  6 Wash Motions
  • Quiet Operation
  • TurboWash kill dust mites


  • Slow on normal
  • No steam function

3. Electrolux White Front Load Laundry

electrolux white front load laundry 

The 3rd product on the list by ratings is Electrolux white front load washer and dryer. Having it in your house is great but having a dryer with the same cash is even better.

If you are looking for quality, Electrolux doesn’t like to stay behind others. Electrolux washer fabrics the way they are comfortable.

Washing fabrics while comfortable means that it washes the fabrics gently. The fabric with gentle wash remains like new and doesn’t lose its softness.

The softness of fabrics is greatly affected by the washing method.

Electrolux doesn’t tolerate its customers having to work too hard to wash clothes, so Electrolux has made the washing technology easy for everyone.

Beginners can wash clothe like pros without a hitch. If you want to try the clothes right after washing them, you have the right option.

Electrolux having the qualities of both a washer and dryer, lets you dry the clothes immediately after washing, or rather, you can dry and wash the clothes or any other fabric at the same time.

You doubt have to be busy on your Sundays when you can wash clothes so fast.


The best feature of this product is its compatibility. It’s compatible and easily storable in places you want to fit it.

The speed of this washer is also good, so it only takes about 40 minutes to watch a batch, and it washes the clothes with perfectly fabric-safe technology.

It gives you 7 standard cycles that make the washing even better because of multiple cleaning cycles. This heavy duty washer work well with smaller loads than older models like whirlpool.

Its efficacy is graded A+ and also about the looks. Its white color makes it look amazing. It has a capacity of ‎4.3 Cubic Feet that helps you wash a lot of clothes in a single batch.

It is paired with a washer and dryer so that you can use it as both. Having it for free is a feature you don’t want to miss. Washing controls for this washer are easy. It remove stains easily. Check Price on eBay.


  • ‎4.3 Cubic Feet Capacity
  • 7 Standard Cycles
  • Compatible
  • 40-minute speed
  • Stackable


  • No hoses
  • Separate hookup for water

4. SAMSUNG 2.2 Cu Ft Compact Washer Front Load

samsung 2.2 cu ft compact washer front load

The 4th product on our list by ratings is SAMSUNG 2.2 Cu Ft Compact Front Load Washer. It is a pretty great washer.

Samsung is the brand that many people were looking forward to having on the list. Samsung is in the four just because of ratings, so it doesn’t mean Samsung washers are incompatible.

If you are looking for a big brand and quality, you should have it. Samsung washers aren’t just good at washing but bring smartness to your house. Samsung is a brand with smartness and style.

The cleaning performance by Samsung washers uses special and advanced speed technology for washing the clothes.

The speed of it allows you to wash your clothes in just 40 minutes, and that with minimum water.

The vibration reduction technology allows you to wash clothes while enjoying talking on the phone. There isn’t any noise from the machine, and you get informed as the clothes are washed.

This Samsung dryer’s interior is built so that no damage comes to the fabric while being washed. You can control the Samsung dryer with the app too. That’s not all. Read the features.


You get a powerful stain-removing capacity with Samsung. There isn’t a need for preheating in the Samsung washer as it achieves the correct temperature very quickly.

The washing speed is twice that of normal washers, and it can clean a batch in as little time as 40 minutes. The normal 58-minute wash is now reduced to only 40 minutes. There isn’t any vibration from the washer.

You can do your laundry and wash, disturbing no one with vibrations like the other machines. You can troubleshoot it with the help of your smartphone.

The self-cleaning function helps the water get cleaned pretty fast.

The interior of the washer is a diamond drum that makes the fabric safe to be washed under all circumstances. Samsung smart washer app is used to control it remotely. Check Price on ebay.


  • Energy star certified
  • Diamond drum Interior
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Noise Reduction
  • Super speed washing


  • Drainage issue
  • Short life

5. Bosch WAT28400UC 300 2.2 Cu. Ft.

bosch wat28400uc 300 2.2 cu. ft. 

Bosch WAT28400UC 300 takes 5th place on the list by ratings. Bosch has advanced technology and doesn’t back down when it comes to washers and dryers.

Bosch WAT28400UC 300 is a great product and one of the company’s best washers. It contains the latest washer tech and is equipped with advanced-level controls.

If you are washing clothes as a beginner, then Bosch is pretty easy for you to handle.

Having advanced technology doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. The controls of Bosch are the same as the basic dryers when it comes to use.

Controlling the front load dryers is usually easy, and that’s the same with Bosch. It provides easy and advanced controls for users to learn about the latest technology by making it simple.

The drum of this washer by Bosch is made to be safe for all fabrics. Washing without worrying about the fabric is pretty great.

There isn’t a vibration from the washing, and you will feel nothing while standing next to it. Peace while washing should save you from getting annoyed. The perks of having Bosch don’t stop so soon. Read the features.


It’s a 24-inch washer and gives you the function of a quick wash. The automatic wash function of this product sets the washing time automatically and washes your clothes with the most suitable mode of washing.

There is also the function of the allergen normal cycle that helps you to wash better clothes. It’s not a function present in every dryer.

There are a total of 15-cycles of the washing in that machine, and these 15 cycles wash the clothes in detail.

The drum is snag-free, and that means you won’t have to worry about fabric being born or damaged inside the machine.

There isn’t any vibration because of the anti-vibrational design of this. It can store up to 16 towels in one go. The 1400 RMP isn’t bad for it to have.

There are many repair technicians brands but the bosch is best one. If you can service calls them they will give you good response. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Allergen Cycle
  • 16 Towel Capacity
  • 15 Total Cycles
  • Anti-Vibration Design


  • Mold and moisture
  • Error codes
  • Shorter cycle times


6. GE GFD55ESSNWW 28″ Front Load Electric Washer

best front load washer consumer report

The last but not the least washer by rating sin our list is GE GFD55ESSNWW 28″ Front Load Electric Dryer.

However, the word dryer is written, it’s not just a dryer but also a washer, so having this is the ultimate goal of many people.

Who doesn’t want a dryer and washer in the same appliance and save money? I wouldn’t let the washer go.

This washer by GE is a spectacular way of combing your effort and peace. If you want peace of not having to use a dryer after it, then you are at the right place.

Washing is done by it really fast, and the drying is done at the same time. Not to mention the washer’s functions.

The error codes of GE washer are easy to deal with, as they specifically mean a single thing.

If you are saving yourself from having to fix the washer and spending too much money, then GE should be the optimum choice.

Getting your work done fast is great, but getting g two things done in the same amount of time is greater. Save money and get the premium washing facility at your house with a GE washer.


It has a 7.8 Cu.Ft capacity. That makes it wash more clothes than the all washers on the list. The 10 detailed washing cycles remove all the stains in the clothes packed inside for washing.

The 10 cycles ensure that all the water is removed because it’s a multi-functional machine. There isn’t a lack of function in the dryer, and the easy washer controls can also be controlled by kids.

There are 5 different temperature options. You can select the temperature depending on the fabric you are going to wash.

The other thing you would like is the built-in Wi-Fi to give you better access to the function. The quick dry function helps you dry the fabrics immediately after washing.

The door hinges on the washer are also reversible. It is certified by Energy Star, and that makes it a great choice.


  • Reversible Door Hinges
  • Best for removing stains
  • Power button
  • Quick Dry
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 5 Temperatures
  •  7 Wash Options


  • Slow washing

Buying Guide (Best front load washer consumer reports)

Having a front load washer saves you a lot of water and time. Front load washers are considered superior to other washers in terms of working.

But all front load washers won’t perform so well. I have stated a front load washer buying guide below for your reference.

  • Capacity

The basic thing about front load or any washer is to check its capacity. The better the storage of the washer, the more time you will save. The washer should be able to hold at least 6 towels at a minimum.

  • Water usage

Check the amount of water the washer uses. It should use as minimum water as possible to save water. The less water used by the washer, the better the technology.

  • Washing machines Time

Check the time the washer takes to clean a single batch. 40 minutes is a great single batch time for washers.

  • Reliable washer Speed

Check the speed of the washer by noting the time it takes to complete a single normal cycle.

  • Washer and mini washer Controls

The controls should be easy.


Equator Version 2 Pro 24″ Combo Washer Dryer is our top front load washer by ratings.

It’s a great washer, but that doesn’t mean all the other front load washers are bad. They are great too. The buying guide will help you determine it. Thanks for reading.

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