Best angle grinder for tile cutting

Best angle grinder for tile cutting. If you need to repair a tile floor or provide your own interlocking tiles, then how can you do that with the utmost ease?

What if the edges of the existing tiles get damaged too? No worries, because angle grinders for cutting tiles have come up with a solution.

Whenever there is a need to remove grout or tile on new or broken tiled surfaces, it’s always best to find an electric angle grinder for this purpose.

Angle grinders are typically used in various types of metal fabrication jobs ranging from deburring and flattening out rough spots in sheet metal work to polishing or finishing off welds on cars, bikes, and other vehicles.

You can either choose between corded or battery-operated angle grinders depending on your specific needs, but whatever the case may be, you will surely find the best tool designed for specific applications in no time at all.

6 Best angle grinder for tile cutting

1. Avid Power MW590 Best angle grinder for tile cutting

The AVID Power angle grinder is great for cutting, grinding and more. Along with the basic tools included like the cutting and grinding wheels, you can also attach other accessories to the angle angle grinder for tile cutting

From pre-cutting to polishing, this device has it all. The 900 watts of power allow it to reach speeds that range from 10500 up to 11000 RPM.

This particular grinder is a type of power tool that is available in many stores and can be used to give different materials a professional-looking finish.

It comes in handy around the home or at work as it can be harnessed for a variety of tasks, including cutting, grinding and polishing.

These tasks tend to be completed by using abrasive wheels with several holes that help pound against surfaces over time, smoothing them without any hassle.

With its integrated spindle lock, it’s easier and quicker to replace the abrasive wheel.

The 2-position auxiliary handle also provides more control and comfort when performing tasks in all applications even those that would traditionally be awkward.

Despite its size, this grinder can handle just about any task you might have. Additionally, it is made with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use.

The Avid Power tile grinder is perfect for those who need to quickly and easily cut tiles while protecting themselves from flying sparks. It comes with metal grinding wheel and protective cover to reduce the risk of injury. Check Price on eBay.

2. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

DEWALT is one of the best brands when it comes to power tools. Their angle grinder tool can be used for a variety of applications such as cutting tiles and other similar materials.tile cutting disc for angle grinder

This high quality angle grinder contains an 11-amp motor which allows the disc to run at a level of 11,000 RPMs so that effortless cuts would be achieved.

The 4 ½ inch angle grinder wheel ensures fast and efficient grinding. A paddle switch helps you control the ground drill with ease even when your hands are wet.

It has a user-friendly handle which offers excellent comfort, especially during prolonged use.

DEWALT DW4701 is a grinder that is made up of high-quality parts and features an array of useful mechanisms so it’s not only powerful but also easy to operate.

The sealed motor allows for uninterrupted performance in both wet and dry environments, meaning you can use this grinder for a wide range of tasks wherever you go.

Perhaps the most beneficial feature, on top of its durability, is the Dust Ejection System that protects it from dust contamination as well as increases brush life.

Diamond matrix segments are ideal for cutting through thick buildups of mortar, grout, and gum.

The rim turbo design can sandwich bricks, blocks, and ceramic tile together, making them perfect for putting down tile floors.

Comes with a large spiral bevel gear, automatic speed change technology, and safety features.

These work well with various attachments in a variety of products that cut through different kinds of materials with ease because the cobalt has been churned into diamonds using computer technology. Check Price on Walmart.


The 4-1.2 in Disc Grinder – G12SR4 makes improvements on previous models with a grip diameter that is 14% smaller when compared to my last angle grinder for cutting porcelain tile

This contributes to easier control and less fatigue with continuous use, increasing performance to 6.2 amp while making it more durable than my previous models.

Trim routers that make quick disc changes easy. Slide switches on the left side make them quick changeover tools, so you can be sure of keeping your router up to date.

Comes with wheel guard and Removable handles are user-friendly and offer easier control overall.

Since they’re designed for use by both right and left-handed users, they’re a must even if you’re working in close quarters.

The powerful 6.2 amp motor on professional angle grinder creates good performance on tough jobs. The new “green” motor design creates better cooling efficiency and ensures high motor durability.

This small angle grinder also has a spindle lock for easy wheel changes and comes with five grinding discs so it’s ready to work out of the box. Check Price on eBay.

4. RYOBI (ZRP421) 4.5 cordless angle grinder

These Ryobi angle grinders are the perfect tools for working with tiles. They are so powerful and lightweight, making them easy to angle grinder for wood carving

Their Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries provide plenty of power to get the job done right so you won’t have any trouble getting that tile job finished.

This powerful angle grinder also have sturdy handles, making them easy and comfortable to hold even if you’re working on tough jobs that take a while. Best cordless angle grinder.

The RYOBI ZRP421 4 1/4″ Angle Grinder features a 4-1/2″ grinding wheel, which allows for faster and more efficient cutting than its competitors’ blades.

Furthermore, it has 3 position side handle that lets you operate the tool on your right or left hand side. Best angle grinder blade for cutting porcelain tile.

It is employed in either commercial or residential settings as a portable power tool and usually used for cutting, grinding, buffing and similar tasks as grinders can take up to 50% of the cost of creating a new stone floor.

This angle grinder can make your life easier by providing the appropriate and necessary tool for completing diy projects.

In addition, customers will be more likely to purchase this item because it also comes with a range of benefits that will meet or exceed expectations. Best angle grinder for tile cutting.

Furthermore, we’ve designed this product at an affordable price point but not cheap – and you can be sure that the quality of this item will meet or exceed expectations. Check Price on Walmart.

5. BOSCH GWS13-50VSP 5 best angle grinder for wood carving

Cutting tile or any material at the right speed can maximize your safety and comfort as well as increase efficiency and ease of use when handling various materials like tile, wood, natural stone, etc.cutting roof tiles with angle grinder

It is important to be prepared with an angle grinder with a variable speed limit switch for more precise cuts and smoother finishes.

An angle grinder with this feature is a must-have among construction workers and trades people in various industries. Comes with best angle grinder blade for tile cutting.

In this model, you can set a suitable speed for the cutting material by using the variable-speed settings from 2,800 to 11,500 RPM.

If you experience any issues when cutting tiles in the future, you can slow down the machine to check for problems on the tile and then speed up once you’ve double-checked everything is okay.

Another reason that made this a good choice for semi-professionals is that it uses a carbon brush cleaner.

A powerful 13-amp motor with carbon brushes often ensures reliable startup and more extended periods of daily use without the risk of damage or excessive wear to the carbon brushes. Best angle grinder for wood carving.

6. PORTER-CABLE Best angle grinder for cutting porcelain tile

The Porter-Cable model is another excellent one to consider. It comes with everything you need to begin your home improvement projects, like a corded grinder, wrench, side handle, and blade guard.porter cable angle grinder

Another reason why the PC60TAG grinder made it to my recommended list is that it has a three-position side handle, allowing you to have full control over it in different positions.

This clever ergonomic design is indeed a strong plus as it helps you cut tiles of different shapes with corners, walls, and household fixtures with less manual effort than what would otherwise be required for a manual tile cutter or wet saw for example.

This 6.0-amp angle grinder with a 3-position side handle is an ideal tool for contractors, plumbers and electricians alike thanks to its powerful motor.

This angle grinder weighs is 4.1 pounds. Best angle grinder for cutting porcelain tile.

This outfit is a godsend when it comes to cutting, trimming, and grinding metal, tuckpointing surfaces, and much more.


Is a cordless angle grinder worth it?

In overall, cordless angle grinders are a fantastic choice due to their convenience. They provide the same great performance that corded ones do, so they’re a perfect fit for professionals as much as DIYers.

What are angle grinders good for?

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that can be used for a variety of different applications including cutting, grinding, deburring, finishing, and polishing. The most common types of angle grinders are powered by electricity; either corded or battery powered.

How do you remove an angle grinder blade?

Angle Grinder Blade | 4 Different Ways

What is a pneumatic angle grinder?

Air-powered angle grinders are ideal when you are working on a project that requires complete cuts or a lot of grinding work. As their name suggests, they operate using pressurized air, which is housed in a separate chamber away from the blade so it won’t affect its precision.

How long do cordless angle grinders last?

Cordless angle grinders can last up to 30 minutes. This depends on the model of the machine, the kind of disc you intend to use, and the task at hand.


Most Angle grinders for cutting tiles have come up with a solution. Whenever there is a need to remove grout or tile on new or broken tiled surfaces, it is always best to find an electric angle grinder for this purpose.

A smaller angle grinder is easier to handle and control, while a larger angle grinder can take on more rigorous jobs. We list down some of the best angle grinders.

You can either choose between corded angle grinders or battery powered angle grinder depending on your specific needs, but whatever the case may be, you will surely find the right angle grinder designed for specific applications in no time at all.

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