Bar keepers friend left on too long

Bar keepers friend left on too long. Leaving the bar keepers friend on too long has different effects on different surfaces. Like on chrome, the chrome surface flakes when the bar keepers remain on.

Pyrex loses its luster because of the bar keepers friend. The enamel gets damaged when left on porcelain.

After knowing about the bar keeps friends on different surfaces from a friend, I wanted to see the effects of bar keepers friend’s effect on all the surfaces that are used.

I experimented with different materials and found what happens if the bar keepers friend is left ON on them. I experimented on Quartz and noted its effects.

I also check the effects on porcelain. Corningware and pyrex were also tested by me. The effects on chrome were also noted by me. The effects of the bar keepers friend on all of them were different.

Bar keepers friend left on too long

Having the bar keepers friend left on for too long won’t give pleasant results on any material. You will not like your surface getting ruined.

Actually, leaving the Bar keepers friend on is one of the don’ts of the cleaner. Cleaning with this clear is pretty common.

But the negative effects caused by this cleaner are not known to many people. The materials on which this cleaner is used or remains for too long get distorted.

Timing of the bar keepers friend that is suitable is also different, like its effects on the surfaces.

Effects on materials

effects on materials

The effects of cleaners and the time the cleaners are left on the material can vary.

You may have used the cleaner on the porcelain surface or even the quartz surface, but one material got discolored and even deformed before the other.

This is because of time and the surface’s capability. Let’s see some surfaces.

  • On Quartz

on quartz

Quartz is a pretty good material, and the quartz surface is not easy to get stained. The fewer stains of the quartz make it easy to maintain.

The cleaner can do wonders if there are stains on the quartz surface.

However, there are no cleaning or stain warranties if the cleaner is left on quartz for too long.

The quartz surface won’t be affected too badly, but the effects are not good either.

The cleaner is left on the quartz for too long, which will cause the quartz surface to become dull. Dulling of the quartz won’t be the only thing that will happen because of the cleaner.

There may come some scratches on it too. The recommended time can be dangerous for quartz too. Epoxy resin can be used to cancel the fact of the cleaner and bring the shine.

  • On Corningware

on corningware

Corningware is a material like glass that is durable. Actually, Corningware is complete glass. Even being glassware, the wrath of the cleaner is inescapable.

Leaving the cleaner on the glass surface will make the luster of the Corningware fade, and even the natural shine of the glass doesn’t remain with it.

BKF is a great material to fix the scratches on the glass and even return the shine of Corningware.

The damage to Corningware can sometimes be too much, and that much damage to the glass cannot be fixed all the time. Glass damage is usually irreversible.

  • On Chrome

Chrome is another material that is cleaned by bar keepers friends. The bar keepers friend is left long on chrome, unlike other materials, as people think that chrome won’t be cleaned early.

Testing the bar keepers friend before you let it stay so long chrome should be ideal.

You should test bar keepers friend on a small surface of chrome, but if you take my word for it, you’ll save your chrome surface.

As leaving the bar keepers friend on chrome won’ be nice. Your chrome surface will flake if the material is left on it for a long.

  • On Porcelain

on porcelain

You will see visible results of bar keepers’ friends most on porcelain.

The results will be clearly visible in the form of cleaning at first, but you will eventually know the true nature of bar keepers, friend. The enamel gets damaged from bar keepers friend when left on it for a long.

Though the damage to the enamel depends on the quality of the porcelain surface you have. The shine of the porcelain surface depends on the enamel.

The topmost layer is responsible for the shine of the porcelain surface. The surface of porcelain becomes when bar keepers friend stays on it for a long.

BKF can make the surface of the porcelain rough as well. The repairing of the enamel requires a whole repairing kit.

You may even need a professional to restore the enamel’s surface. Sometimes porcelain damage becomes irreversible for the enamel to be restored.

  • On Pyrex

on pyrex

Just like Corningware, Pyrex is also glass. Even though pyrex is said to be glassware that is very durable, the durability of the Pyrex doesn’t refrain the glassware from getting damaged.

The shine will be gone with bar keepers friend when used for an extended time.

The luster of the glassware is its perk, but the luster will be gone with bar keepers friend. BKF can sometimes erode more than it should, and that makes the glass damage really big.

The damage to the glassware may even become irreversible. So, note the time at which you apply.

Recommended time

Depending on our surface, the BKF should be applied carefully. The time of application of BKF should be noted, and it shouldn’t be used more than the recommended time.

The recommended time of BKF for use in snot much and its cleaning is fine during this time. However, the cleaning time for different surfaces can be different. You can keep BKF on the surface for different lengths of time.

Surface-like porcelain can withstand more tome of BKF than other materials, as porcelain is more durable and stronger than other materials. Still, even porcelain has limits, as explained in the point.

Some materials may not even withstand the BKF’s effects even for a whole minute. Seconds are enough for these materials.

Note the BKF usage time and note the effects after applying and remove it if you see it’s harming the surface. The safer the time, the better.


The recommended time should be checked for your material, and even the recommended time shouldn’t be fully trusted.

BKF can be harsh on some surfaces, so follow its application; even if the BKF doesn’t have an expiry, it’s better to avoid using it too old. Check the BKFs results on the materials above. Thanks for reading!

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