Alexa device is unresponsive

Alexa device is unresponsive. Alexa is smart device installed in the home to attach to other smart devices in the house to make a smart home system. You can also use your Alexa smart device through voice recognition.

But, if the Alexa device is not responding, it is a very bad thing to happen. There is not one cause responsible for the Alexa device not being responsive because there are too many reasons for this problem.

First of all, check all the cable connections because if any connection is loose, then the device will not respond to you.

Alexa device is connected to other smart devices in the home through an internet connection, so make sure the internet signal strength and you have mentioned the correct Wi-Fi password.

I know you are here to find some solution for the Alexa device not responding, so read this full guide and follow the steps to rerun your device.

Alexa device is unresponsive

Suppose you have connected your smartphone to Alexa’s smart device to listen to music. In that case, it’s a very annoying situation when you command your device to play a song, but it remains quiet and unresponsive.

Before you immediately call the professional to check out your device, check your Wi-Fi internet connection status and password, the latest software updates, cable connections, compatibility, physical interference, etc.

Let’s discuss each cause in detail and what to do with this problem. Keep reading.

Check internet connection

check internet connection

Alexa smart devices work fastly when you have a strong internet connection in the home. When you see the device not answering your command to perform any task, look at your internet router.

If the red light is flashing on your internet router, then it means there is no network available. You can test the internet speed on a smartphone.

Reboot the router by removing the router plug for a few moments. In most cases, the internet speed slows due to an overload of more devices on one router.

Contact the local internet service provider to inform them about no internet on the router. Sometimes, there is no internet because you have not paid the monthly bill and you have no more internet package.

Check Wi-Fi internet password

check wi fi internet password

Alexa device is connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi password, so always enter the right password in the app to connect your device to the internet router.

If you first connect your device to the internet, carefully enter all the digits and characters because if you mention the wrong password, then Alexa will be unresponsive.

In some cases, the device is unresponsive when someone in the home changes the internet password, and you don’t have this information.
So, when you see the device is not answering, then connect your phone to the internet. If it also does not work on Wi-Fi signals, then someone must change the password for security purposes.

Move the device close to the internet router

If you place it at a very far distance from the router, then it will lose the connection from the router and surely become unresponsive.

Alexa devices have a specific range in which they work efficiently, so always maintain a suitable distance between the internet router and your device to connect them properly through stable Wi-Fi signals.

Check the cable connections

check the cable connections

If your Alexa smart device is not currently answering you, then check all the cable connections. Make sure that the device cable is tightly connected.

Loose cable connections are one of the leading causes of when device becomes unresponsive. If the cable is worn out, then change it to a new one.


Suppose there is no issue with the internet connection. In that case, the next thing to look at is device compatibility because sometimes your device is not compatible with the smart hub.

Alexa devices are not connected to every smart hub, so its simple solution is to go online and search whether your Alexa smart device is compatible with your smart hub or not.

It’s your bad luck if the device does not match the smart hub, and you can only change your smart hub to connect to the device.

Microphone turned off

If the smart device is not responding, then check the color of your device. If the device color is currently red, then the app will not open on your smartphone because the microphone is turned off on the device.

The Alexa device is always responsive when the blue light is turned on. So, press the mic button on the device to turn on the microphone.

The basic purpose of the microphone is to receive the command from the user, so when it is turned off, then red light starts flashing to inform you to turn on the microphone.

The moment you will turn on the microphone, the device color will turn blue, and it will surely respond to your commands.

Restart the Alexa device

restart the alexa device

The next step is to restart the smart device. Whether you want to restart the smart device via the power button or unplug the power cable is your choice.

Press and hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn off the device. You can also disconnect the device power plug from the wall outlet to turn off the device.

The echo device will take some time to reboot to wipe away the bugs and software glitches. Hopefully, Alexa will start responding to your commands after restarting.

Update software

It’s very necessary to keep updating the Alexa app on your smartphone to download the latest features and functions.

Some smart devices are automatically updated on the internet, but some do not update themselves, and you have to update them to avoid specific issues.

So, go to the google play store on your phone and update your app to update the software.


The last words on this post are if you have an Alexa device in your home and it is not answering your commands, then it is surely a frustrating situation.

However, sometimes there is a minor technical error that causes the device to be unresponsive. I covered almost all the troubleshooting tips in this article to help you to fix the Alexa echo device.

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